Keep Up Your Collector Car’s Value

Collecting is a fun hobby that can also accrue assets as many types of collectibles are valuable. For people who are into cars, collecting classic autos is a thrilling hobby that lasts a lifetime. It can be expensive to purchase and have a collectible car restored. You want to do everything you can to make sure your collector cars hold their value.

Keep It Original

It can be tempting to upgrade the engine and other parts of classic autos, upholding collector car value means keeping it original. Keep original parts clean and well-maintained to help them last longer. When you do need to replace something, purchase a part designed as original equipment.

Keep It Clean

Dirt, grease and grime don’t just make your car look bad. They can damage paint, chrome and other surfaces. Wash your collector car often. That includes the engine and interior. Have it detailed regularly and keep the exterior waxed to protect its finish. 

Keep It Stored Carefully

You don’t park a collector car in your driveway where the sun, rain and snow can hurt the paint and cause rust. If you have a garage, that’s where your car belongs. Invest in a quality car cover for extra protection. You put money into that auto. It’s worth spending a little more to keep it valuable.

Owning a collector car is a source of pride and joy. Protect your investment by taking good care of it. It will retain its value.

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The Risks Associated With Being a Politician

Many people get into politics to make positive changes. However, they should understand that being a politician or running for a political office comes with a fair amount of risk. Politicians and political candidates will hire people who work in risk management firms so that they can properly navigate certain occurrences, such as a victory or a political loss.

Types of Risks

Politicians and candidates are faced with a multitude of risks. They are public figures and are under intense scrutiny from members of the public. Since they are so visible, they are easy targets for terrorists, thieves, and kidnappers. People who work in politics travel frequently. This means that every time they step on a plane, car, or bus, they are at risk of getting into an accident. Note that a substantial amount of competition exists in the political realm; thus, at least one person is plotting to bring a politician down at any given moment.

Levels of Risks

It is worth mentioning that all politicians do not face the same level of risk. Mayors and members of local political bodies have to deal with minimal amounts of risk. Governers and ambassadors have to cope with medium levels of risk. Presidents and congressmen are subject to high levels of risk.

Being a politician is risky. Those who want to enter the world of politics should tread carefully.

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Avoid These Mistakes for Smoother Workers Comp Claims

When a worker is injured on the job, it is critical that they know what steps to take. Unfortunately, there are many ways that a worker’s compensation claim can be mishandled. Be sure that both you and your employees have the information necessary to avoid these common mistakes.

Reporting Mistakes

Avoid these common early mistakes to ensure your claims get off to a solid start:

  • Failure to report the accident: Even if it seems like a minor injury, it is a good idea to report all accidents and injuries so they are properly documented.
  • Improper claim filing: Know the processes for filing and following up with a claim before an accident happens to avoid confusion and possible errors.

Problems With Care

Not following medical advice is a serious mistake that can aggravate injuries.Workers should always follow the advice of a medical professional. It is also a good idea to seek a second opinion on serious injuries.

Mistakes After Recovery

Not returning to work on time can be a costly mistake for everyone involved. Workers should seek a timely return to work as soon as their health allows. Reasonable accommodations can help make this possible.

Knowing which workers comp mistakes to avoid can help ensure smooth reporting, filing, and recovery processes for everyone involved. It can also help you effectively manage risk and controlp insurance rates.

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How To Devise a Sensible Real Estate Agent Business Plan

When it comes to running any successful business, the key is creating a solid business plan. By devising a plan that includes all pertinent details related to establishing and running a company in your chosen industry, you can make your life a lot easier when it comes to finding investors, taking out insurance, and developing the ability to see long-term success. If youre stuck on what to include or how to go about making a comprehensive plan, use this overview to guide you.

Focus Your Plan Around Finances

A main point to keep in mind with your real estate agent business plan is that it should always be focused from a financial perspective. Since youll most often put your plan into effect when youre looking to accomplish tasks like landing new investors, you will find it beneficial to take the time to ensure all budgetary data and future forecasts are included in the plan in an accurate and thoroughly researched manner. Other areas to pay attention to when youre putting together your plan can include:


  • Maintaining an income outside of the business
  • Developing a blueprint for future growth initiatives
  • Reviewing insurance options

Start Working on a Strategy Today

A business plan is typically the cornerstone of any successful business. If youre a real estate agent looking to establish yourself, first take the time needed to create a comprehensive plan that covers all your bases.

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What You Need To Know About Insurance Claims in Connecticut

Filing an insurance claim is a necessary step when you are dealing with automobile accidents. In order for you to be compensated financially for damages and injuries sustained in a crash, you absolutely need to understand the ins and outs of putting in a claim. Though there are a handful of general tips to keep in mind, most of the details will vary depending on the state in which you live. Review this information to learn more about your options in Connecticut.

Review the Scene

One point to understand about filing an auto insurance claim in CT is that you should always evaluate the situation before you make any official claim. An accident with your vehicle will require a different claim process than a scenario in which your car has been vandalized or damaged when you are not behind the wheel. Filing a police report is also a wise step, as this provides third-party documentation of the situation. Other steps to think over before you put in a claim can include:

  • Extra documentation of the scene
  • Speak with insurance agent
  • Discuss options with an adjuster

Take Your Time

When you have a clear idea of what steps to take in the event of an auto accident, it can make your life a whole lot easier. Review the basic points of putting in a claim and see how you can create the best outcome from a bad situation.

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What Is Public Liability Insurance?

Companies whose facilities are open to the general public wind up incurring liabililty for injuries and damage to personal belongings on site in a variety of circumstances. The specifics of your exposure vary according to the features of the site and the reasons the public is allowed access. For example, a company offering tours of its manufacturing facility with a very controlled access path has a very different set of public liability insurance needs than one operating a store open to the public 24 hours a day.

Purchasing Extended Public Liability Coverage

Some businesses can find general liability coverage with enough public liability protection to stop at that policy. For most companies needing insurance coverage against on-site accidents that injure the public, though, an extended policy is the better choice. General coverage puts limits on each area of liability protection and a limit on the overall policy payout per term. If you have an outsized need in just one or two areas of protection, raising the limits on that general coverage can be cost prohibitive. Public liability insurance is designed to provide as much protection as you need in that specific area of liability. It takes over where your general liability insurance stops, protecting you against the common and uncommon accidents that happen when you invite the public into a place of business.

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You’d Be Surprised What Film Set Insurance Covers

The vision you create for your next film probably doesnt include accidents on set that damage property or result in injury to your cast or crew. Last-minute changes to the creative direction can add extra confusion into the mix. Film set insurance can help cover you for mishaps that happen on set due to these circumstances or others.

What Film Set Insurance Covers

Insurance for a film set can cover everything from damaged equipment to cast and crew hurt on set and even mistakes that cause lost footage. With more complicated sets in demand because of a consumer appetite for more heavily produced films, these potential hazards can add up more quickly. Additional gear can add more tripping hazards and possible injuries from dropping equipment and involve a higher amount of equipment that might get damaged.

What Coverage Should You Get?

You may not need a comprehensive policy. Estimate the overall cost you think of unforeseen circumstances happening on your set. Can you easily replace lost footage? If you rented equipment, do you have coverage through the rental company? What happens if someone on set gets hurt?

Accidents happen on set. Consider the different aspects of your production before filming to determine which areas make sense to insure. Then you can focus on what you do best: creating.

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How Fuel Oil Dealer Insurance Protects Your Company

A large number of Americans depend on regular fuel deliveries for cooking, heating, and hot water. Countless companies service these needs, across multiple states, in all seasons and in widely varying conditions. Ensuring your company carries adequate fuel oil dealer insurance is essential to protecting your business, employees, and clients.

What Risks Do Fuel Oil Dealers Face?

Given the need to handle hazardous fuels in widely varying conditions, there is significant inherent risk for fuel oil companies. These may include:

  • Risk of spills or leaks
  • Machinery and company vehicle risks
  • Various risks to workers on the job
  • Weather risks, depending on season, for both drivers and technicians

This is not a comprehensive list, and a variety of overlapping coverage may be required for business, depending on the specifics of where you work and what types of fuels you handle. Moreover, given customers’ high dependence on your services, you may be at an elevated risk of a lawsuit if something goes wrong or a delivery fails to arrive.

Workers compensation coverage, missed fuel delivery coverage, pollution liability coverage, and general and professional liability coverage may all be part of a comprehensivefuel oil dealer insurance policy. It is vital to speak to your insurer today, to ensure that you are well-covered and prepared to deal with any of the potential hazards that may arise in the industry.

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Prepare Your Company for a Premium Workers’ Compensation Audit

At the start of each workers’ compensation policy period, you must give an estimate of your company’s projected payroll and operational exposures. This number is used to determine your premium for that period. If your estimate isn’t accurate, you may wind up paying additional fees at the end of the policy period.

Understanding How the Premium Audit Works

It helps to understand the factors involved in determining premiums so that your workers’ compensation premium audit can go as smoothly as possible. Issues to consider include:

  • Understand how freelance or contract workers affect your premiums
  • Be aware of any payroll costs that don’t need to be included in the premium estimate
  • If you aren’t sure about a specific classification, don’t guess

Preparing for the Premium Audit

There is no substitute for proper audit preparation. Become familiar with the types of documents your auditor will require. Develop a good understanding of the questions auditors may ask as well. Documents to prepare include:

  • Tax reports
  • Form 1040 Schedule C
  • Ownership and corporate officer documents
  • General ledger for regular employees
  • Additional ledgers and insurance certificates for contract employees
  • Specific payroll report for employees for the period in question
  • Unemployment tax returns

The more prepared you are before your workers’ compensation premium auditors arrive, the less stressful the audit will become.

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How To Safely Use Your Boat This Summer

As the weather warms, there is nothing quite like the thrill of being out in a boat on the open water. To ensure that your summer is as safe and successful as possible, it is essential to keep in mind the following boating safety tips.

Review Safety Procedures With Passengers

It is always a good idea to review on-the-water safety protocols with boat passengers particularly those with less experience before heading out. Boaters should know where life jackets and fire extinguishers are located, and what to do in the event of an emergency.

Likewise, you should always carry a first-aid kit, and extra potable water (and gasoline, if necessary) when out on the water.

Don’t Drink and Boat

Mixing alcohol with operating a boat is a highly dangerous combination. Alcohol can impair judgment and will inhibit motor skills, making you far more prone to an accident while out boating. Staying sober will ensure a safe trip out and back.

Carry Boat Insurance

Even if you’re an experienced boater, following these boating safety tips can make the difference between a safe excursion, and a catastrophic one. Still, carrying boat insurance is also crucial, to ensure you’re covered if anything unfortunate does result.

To ensure summer boating is as enjoyable as possible, keep the above tips in mind on your next excursion.

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