How To Safely Use Your Boat This Summer

As the weather warms, there is nothing quite like the thrill of being out in a boat on the open water. To ensure that your summer is as safe and successful as possible, it is essential to keep in mind the following boating safety tips.

Review Safety Procedures With Passengers

It is always a good idea to review on-the-water safety protocols with boat passengers particularly those with less experience before heading out. Boaters should know where life jackets and fire extinguishers are located, and what to do in the event of an emergency.

Likewise, you should always carry a first-aid kit, and extra potable water (and gasoline, if necessary) when out on the water.

Don’t Drink and Boat

Mixing alcohol with operating a boat is a highly dangerous combination. Alcohol can impair judgment and will inhibit motor skills, making you far more prone to an accident while out boating. Staying sober will ensure a safe trip out and back.

Carry Boat Insurance

Even if you’re an experienced boater, following these boating safety tips can make the difference between a safe excursion, and a catastrophic one. Still, carrying boat insurance is also crucial, to ensure you’re covered if anything unfortunate does result.

To ensure summer boating is as enjoyable as possible, keep the above tips in mind on your next excursion.

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When To Buy Excess Flood Insurance

Flooding is one of the most expensive disasters that can happen to your home or business. Unfortunately, it is also becoming an increasingly common occurrence. Standard insurance policies generally do not provide coverage for flood damage, so many people seek out flood insurance. However, policies issued through the National Flood Insurance Program or private companies often have serious limits that might keep you from recovering after a major loss.

Excess flood insurance can help in those situations. It is designed to kick in when your primary policy’s benefits become exhausted. It may also cover the cost of replacement for personal property damaged in a flood. Here are two situations where you should consider adding this type of coverage.

Your Primary Coverage is Through the NFIP

National Flood Insurance Program coverage is capped at $250,000 for residential properties. Any losses above that amount become your responsibility. That makes excess insurance attractive for homeowners that are covered by an NFIP policy.

You Have a High-Value Home

Coastal properties often come with a hefty price tag. In addition, the rising costs of building materials and construction can make the price of rebuilding higher than anticipated. Excess flood policy can minimize your personal losses for high-value properties by paying for damages over your primary policy’s limits.

Not everyone needs to carry flood insurance. However, if you own a high-value home in an area that is prone to flooding or have an NFIP policy, excess flood insurance can help protect you from excessive losses.

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All About Farm Insurance

Farmers play an essential role in the food industry. They raise a variety of livestock and tend to crops that end up in grocery stores all over the United States. However, farmers are not immune to risk and are vulnerable to the same issues that other businesses face. This is where farming insurance comes into play.

Workers’ Compensation

If your farm employs workers, workers comp for farming businesses is a must-have. If one of your workers is injured while working on your farm, you are liable and will be responsible for their medical bills. Workers’ compensation insurance can pick up these costs for you.

Animal Mortality Coverage

Chances are, you raise livestock on your farm. Livestock is vulnerable to a variety of things including predatory animals, extreme weather, fire, and illness. Because of this, having animal mortality coverage is extremely important and could potentially save you from going out of business if the unexpected occurs.

Farm Machinery And Equipment Coverage

Most farms utilize specialized machinery to help them get their work done. This equipment can be extremely expensive to repair or replace and is constantly at risk of being damaged or lost. Some of the threats to your machinery are theft/vandalism, extreme weather, and fire. It is vital that you have good machinery/equipment coverage.

Running a farm can be a great way to make a living but is not risk-free. Good insurance can make a huge difference.

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Types of Insurance for HVAC Contractors

Do you work in the HVAC industry? The industry is stable, lucrative, and often interesting, but it also carries some risk for the businesses operating in it. Whether you work by yourself or lead an entire team of HVAC professionals, it is important that you carry the right insurance.

Liability Insurance

One of the most important types of coverage you can have is HVAC contractors liability insurance. General coverage protects you in case of unexpected situations, such as someone becoming accidentally injured while you’re working or something happening that causes damage to someone else’s property. Defective HVAC units are a common cause of liability insurance claims. Do you have a storefront? Liability will also cover slip-and-fall accidents should they occur.

Commercial Auto Coverage

You need durable vehicles to carry the equipment necessary to work on HVAC units. This means you also need commercial auto coverage to protect your property and yourself when you’re on the road. Business auto insurance doesn’t just protect during accidents, either. It also provides coverage in case your company trucks are stolen or vandalized.

Other Types of Coverage

Your HVAC business may need other types of coverage. Consider whether you need to provide workers’ compensation coverage for employees, whether you have business property such as machinery or a storefront, and whether your business fits into other special circumstances.

Look for a provider that is licensed, insured, and has a solid reputation to help you keep your business safe. Many insurance agencies specialize in coverage for HVAC contractors and other small businesses, so consider starting there.

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What You Need To Know About Errors and Omissions

In the architecture-engineering industry, your clients expect you to harness education and experience to develop detailed buildable plans for buildings, roadways, bridges and other types of deliverables. In addition to these plans, you generate calculations, specifications and other provisions that can be followed to make said plans a safe and functional reality. Errors in calculations and forgetting to include important details are just two of the many issues that can expose your design operations to lawsuits or claims that can harm the financial health of your firm.

Enter Professional Liability Protection

Professional liability insurance is also known as E&O insurance and is designed to address engineering errors and omissions. Consider purchasing this type of protection if you own a business that employs the following:

  • Architects
  • Civil Engineers
  • Design Consultants
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Design-Build Professionals
  • Geotechnical Engineers
  • Drafting Professionals

These are just a few of the many roles that face exposure to E&O-related claims arising from damages or losses related to deliverables.

Cover Your Operations

Engineers and architects work hard to provide the details needed to deliver a complete set of buildable plans. Mistakes and omissions do happen, exposing your business. Many state agencies require their design consultants to carry E&O insurance. Find a provider who can help you come up with a real E&O protection solution that works.

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Essential Tips Truckers Can Use To Protect Themselves From Sun Damage

Working as a trucker can mean spending most of the day behind the wheel, which can unfortunately lead to trucker sun damage if proper precautions arent take. To avoid the dangers of excess sun exposure and resulting damage, make sure to follow these essential preventative tips.

Check for the Warning Signs You May Be Experiencing Sun Damage

Every trucker should be aware of the warning signs of sun damage. While these may vary by individual, some common signs that its time to visit a dermatologist include:

  • Spots on the skin
  • Unusual or changed freckles
  • Dry and papery skin texture out of the ordinary for your skin type
  • Spider veins

Take Important Precautions Before Every Trip

The best way truckers can protect themselves from the negative effects of the sun is to take important precautions prior to every trip. Make sure to:

  • Wear SPF 30 and up sunscreen every time you get in the truck
  • Try to avoid driving during 10:00 am and noon, when the rays of the sun are extra strong
  • Wear a hat and sunglasses
  • Cover up exposed skin with clothing like long-sleeved shirts

The trucking industry often involves long hours at the wheel for drivers, which can unfortunately cause trucker sun damage. To avoid this damage and its potentially dangerous consequences, be sure to follow these protective tips.

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What Rights Apply to Teachers?

Living in the age of lawsuits, it is little wonder that every profession needs protection against lawsuits. This includes teachers. Fortunately, there are insurance policies and legal precedents that protectteachers rights in a lawsuit.

Freedom of Speech

Although it might seem that everyone has this right, recently, teachers have come under fire for what they say. The supreme court has upheld this right as long as what was said does not delve into hate speech or demean others.

Freedom of Religion

Teachers’ rights in this incidence can get a bit tricky. Yes, they can indeed practice any religion that they want. Mentioning this religion in the classroom is a very different idea. For the most part, it is against school policy for teachers to mention religion in a non-religious classroom.

Right to Privacy

The right to privacy and social media has presented an interesting challenge for courts, lawyers and insurance cases. There are incidents of teachers being prosecuted or fired for something their social media sites have said. Unfortunately, it is unclear where these cases will lead. In many cases, both the Teachers Union and insurance against lawsuits protect teachers.

The need for insurance and legal counsel to help protect teachers is becoming more important in today’s society. Although teachers have the same rights as everyone else, they need to keep in mind that they are to model correct adult behavior for their students.


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Does Your HOA Need an Umbrella Policy?

Homeowners Associations typically carry general liability insurance to pay for legal expenses related to claims against the association and directors and officers coverage to protect the board members. An umbrella policy for HOAs provides liability insurance that adds on to your other insurance to secure more comprehensive coverage for your community.

What Protection Does an Umbrella Policy Offer?

Umbrella insurance policies offer additional protection when you exhaust your underlying coverage. It is a cost-efficient way to secure higher limits for your community. Typically, this insurance covers the settlement costs and legal fees that fall outside your general liability coverage.

Does Your Community Need Umbrella Coverage?

This insurance type safeguards your organization from financial losses related to issues that occur in common areas. It is a good idea to purchase an umbrella plan for your association if your neighborhood has any of the following four “P’s”:

  • Playgrounds
  • Pools
  • Ponds
  • Parks

These areas present high risks for potential accidents that may result in lawsuits. An umbrella policy for HOAs helps safeguard against liability concerns associated with these cases.

A general liability policy may not provide enough protection to prevent financial losses. Umbrella plans offer peace of mind by providing excess liability insurance to fully cover your HOA from risks and unforeseen expenses.

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Why Every Small Company Should Consider Getting Business Income Coverage

Business Income Coverage

Do you run a small business thats dependent on sustained customer interest or seasonal business to stay afloat? You may want to consider looking into business income coverage. Although its not as common as other types of business insurance, income coverage can help your company account for lost income that may result from unexpected circumstances. Here are some of the main benefits.

You’ll Be Better Prepared for Sudden and Unexpected Business Disasters

Any company thats small and doesnt have significant cash reserves may depend on a steady stream of income to survive, so any interruption to that income can pose serious problems. Unfortunately, many unexpected events can have this negative impact, including:

  • Natural disasters that cause physical damage to your property
  • Serious theft, vandalism or other damaging incidents that may force your facility to close temporarily

You Can Protect Several Aspects Related to Your Business Income

Fortunately, business income coverage helps companies cover expenses related to these events that might otherwise have caused a financial disaster. Some of these aspects include:

  • Loss of profits that you would have otherwise expected
  • Recurring fixed operating costs and other expenses
  • Sudden operation-related expenses needed to stay afloat through the disaster recovery period
  • Moving and temporary relocation costs

Every small business that relies on constant income may want to consider business income coverage to help mitigate the unexpected. Consider whether this crucial insurance would be helpful to your company.

3 Unusual Types of Semitruck Insurance

Semitruck Insurance

If you own a semitruck, then you understand how important it is to carry insurance; however, you may not know how to protect yourself from all the risks you encounter while using it for work. Here are three lesser-known types of semitruck insurance that might be a good fit for your situation.

1. Trailer Insurance

Trailer interchange insurance covers damages you inflict on a trailer that belongs to another party, and with whom you have a written agreement. Non-owned trailer insurance is a similar policy that applies to any borrowed trailer hitched to your truck, regardless of any written contract.

2. Crime Insurance

A motor truck cargo policy pays to replace freight that is stolen or vandalized under certain conditions, such as when it is inside a warehouse. If you are concerned about potential theft by employees, a crime insurance policy is a good supplement.

3. Commercial Property and Equipment Coverage

Commercial property insurance covers damage or loss of a company’s belongings. However, it generally applies only to non-mobile objects. Items that drivers take along in the truck require additional protection by equipment insurance.

Your insurance agent may not have told you about all the unique policies designed to protect your semitruck. Ask which ones are right for you today.