Why Is It So Important to Have Toy Insurance?

Toy Insurance

You are the kind of person who loves to have fun and take risks, and what better way to show off your adventurous side than to invest in all kinds of fun toys? Between a garage full of quads and dirtbikes to the snowmobiles that you have in storage, no terrain can stop you. As exciting and fun as your life is, have you got toy insurance to ensure that you, your passengers and all of your babies are protected?

Smart and Safe

If you’re generous about sharing with friends and family, then you want all parties involved to have a safe experience. Equipping them with helmets and other personal protective equipment is helpful and smart, but remember that insurance policies can do the best job of all to protect riders.

The experts at https://www.dsayles.com point out the multitude of things that could happen: A collision with another vehicle, for example, which could put you or someone you love in need of medical attention. To avoid costly medical expenses (and yes, even a lawsuit), protect yourself by purchasing insurance specific to your toys. Nobody wants to get injured, but you know that accidents are sometimes unavoidable.

If you’re going to live the adventurous lifestyle, it’s imperative that you’re safe while living it. Protect your vehicles and riders by making toy insurance a top priority.

Insurance for the Gaps in Your Workers Compensation

stop gap insurance

Operating in a state with monopolistic workers compensation markets can introduce gaps in your insurance coverage because typically those policies are dictated by the state’s requirements, without the flexibility that comes when you can bundle it into your other insurance policies or shop around for options for specialized coverage. There is nothing to do about it except finding the coverage you need, and stop gap insurance provides it. This coverage fills in the employer liability protections often included in plans in states with more open markets, so you can manage your risks without any holes in your coverage.

How Stop Gap Coverage Works

This insurance typically requires general liability because this coverage isn’t a single package that robustly covers all your liability, instead it supplements that coverage and provides for the situations not outlined in either your general liability policy or your worker’s compensation coverage. The result is a more robust, nuanced form of protection than you’d have with just those two policies. According to www.wwspi.com, there are several components that have to come together to make this coverage work, and not every employer needs to worry about it. If you are moving into a new state from one that doesn’t have a monopoly market on worker’s compensation coverage, you need to understand how your operations in that state will have different insurance needs from the facilities you run in other states.

3 Coverage Needs for Property Brokers

HighlandRisk Insurance


Whatever industry you work in, there are liabilities that can jeopardize your operations and your financial stability. Real estate agents are susceptible to lawsuits or clients’ complaints depending on the way a sale or purchase goes. Tiny errors can cause a big problem for your client, which they may hold you responsible for. A real estate agent insurance policy can help protect you during these situations.

The team at HighlandRisk Insurance recommends that every real estate agent carry three types of insurance. These are a professional liability, general liability, and a business owner policy.

  1. Professional Liability. The people using your services trust your expertise and advice for their decision-making. With an errors and omission policy, you can be protected if a client sues you over a clerical mistake or failing to fully inform the client on pertinent information.
  2. General Liability. With a general liability policy, your business is offered protection in claims that may arise from client injury or damage to property. It could also be used for advertising claims, slander, and liable.
  3. Business Owner Policy. A BOP plan combines both general liability coverage and business equipment coverage. This could cover issues with damage related to computer equipment, furniture, or other areas of the property.

These are areas of importance for real estate agents. Look into the specifics that would apply to your business.

The Dangers of Trucker Hypertension

Trucker Hypertension

The trucking industry involves a great deal of risk in terms of liability and the possibility of accidents. Insuring the trucks, business and drivers themselves is vital in order to protect against financial loss, but it is still important to take measures to ensure the safest possible situation. One example of this is the requirement of a regular physical checkup to check drivers’ health. One of the biggest concerns involved is the DOT blood pressure.

What Is Hypertension?

Many health issues can arise from having too high of a blood pressure, which is why it’s so important to have a healthy level when being a truck driver. Heart problems can lead to heart attacks and other sudden difficulties that could be potentially dangerous while driving. If the measured DOT blood pressure is too high, you won’t get a full certifaction or any at all.

Above 180/110: stage 3 hypertension. DOT blood pressure this high will result in no certification until the blood pressure is at or below 140/90, and will then require biannual checkups.

What You Need to Know About Vape Bans

What You Need to Know About Vape Bans

If you’re a part of the vaping community, then you’ve probably heard some pretty scary stories surrounding deaths and illnesses from unsafe vape cartridges. If you’re not sure what is fact and what is fiction, here are a few FAQs to clear the air.

What Is Known

As of October 8th, 2019, 26 deaths linked with vape use have been confirmed in 21 of the United States. The use of only nicotine vaping was reported in lung injuries and illnesses as well. While it’s true that most of these illnesses and deaths have been associated with exclusive cannabis vaping, it’s also true that the cartridges associated are thought to be purchased off the street rather than from a legitimate, licensed dispensary. Safe cannabis vape cartridges have gone through rigorous testing and are created with no additives and all-natural products.

What Is Unknown

Chemists are still not sure what is causing these illnesses, the only link so far is the reported use of vaping by patients. Generally, professionals are warning users to refrain from purchasing products off the street and stick to well-respected head shops like King Harvest Medical Cannabis Care to avoid illness or injury.

While it’s unnerving that we know so little and still don’t yet know what is causing these illnesses, it is a good idea to put your health first and avoid the use of products that could hurt you. Purchase only items that have gone through state and federal standards and are sold legally.

Signs a Company Has a Fake Employee

World Wide Specialty Programs

Everyone’s heard of “Bob in Accounting,” but nobody knows who he is. It’s a long-time trope in TVs and movies, but in the real world, not knowing who your employees are can mean big trouble for your small business. According to World Wide Specialty Programs, nearly 30% of small businesses have a ghost employee and don’t even realize it.

Defining the Ghost

You’ve probably heard of shell companies. These fake companies are used to funnel funds and make illegal payments to CEOs. A ghost employee is essentially a shell on a smaller scale. The fake employee looks real on paper and can go unnoticed for months in some businesses. In reality, someone else is fraudulently accepting the ghost employee’s paychecks. Most of the time, the ghost is a completely made-up person, but sometimes a real person’s identity is unknowingly involved.

Creating a Ghost

Thieves create ghost employees in several ways. Sometimes, an actual employee leaves the company but someone keeps them in the payroll for several extra pay periods and takes the money. Other times, an employee goes on leave without pay but someone marks him as present and takes the money. Finally, some people create entirely fake identities and maintain them in the accounting system to intercept paychecks made for the fake person.
If you suspect a ghost employee on your company’s payroll, consider whether the person has few or no deductions, as this is a common sign. Get rid of and prevent the problem by ensuring payroll procedures are implemented legally and properly and never allowing the same person to run every part of payroll. A crime insurance policy will also help in the event that someone does steal from your business.

Do Whats Right for Your Health Industry Business


In order for you to keep your insurance company successful, it is important to take time to look over the various challenges you might encounter along the way. When your company is responsible for providing health insurance plans and coverage options to consumers, then you might encounter a significant number of unique issues that are specific to your industry. Knowing where to turn can make all the difference and help you see the success you deserve.

Appropriate Coverage

As reported on https://www.huntersure.com/, finding professional liability and general liability insurance solutions can be a difficult journey. While you might be able to help your clients find fitting health insurance plans, it doesn’t mean you know how to go about finding insurance to cover your allied health insurance business. This can be a lifesaver if your company specializes in at-home services, which tends to be one of the more volatile areas for insurance claims.


When selecting a liability policy, there are a few considerations to take. Be sure to think over the following to make the right decision for your company:

Available aggregate
Additional premiums
Deductible minimum

It is not always going to be easy to protect your business. As long as you give yourself time to look over your options with liability coverage, you will be able to find the right path for your needs.

Protection You Need for Your Commercial Property

iSure Insurance Brokers

Owning real estate can be a lucrative business, but it also comes with many risks.Whether you rent out your properties or operate a business in one of your buildings, it’s important to protect your assets and manage your risks with the help of commercial real estate insurance.

What’s Covered With This Policy

Protecting your business from possible dangers means you can focus on your work rather than the potential threats lurking around corners. No matter if you run your business out of your home office or a separate office building, you need this insurance to protect your company from risks including theft, natural disasters, breakdown of equipment, professional errors and even loss of income. The following are some of the property types that can be covered by this policy:

Apartments and other housing
Homeowner or condo associations
Office buildings
Marinas and shipyards
Commercial storage and warehouses
Parking structures or lots
Medical buildings

This is not an exhaustive list, so don’t worry if you don’t see your property listed. The information provided by iSure Insurance Brokers offers more insight into the types of properties covered by this insurance and the coverage options available.

Being Prepared Gives You Peace of Mind

Having the right insurance means you can protect your business from disasters and have peace of mind. Commercial real estate insurance offers the protection you need for all your commercial buildings and is a must-have.

The Importance of Professional Liability Coverage for Nurses


When you care for people’s physical health as your job, you may be vulnerable to claims of abuse. It’s important, therefore, not only to have general liability coverage but also NSO liability insurance. This type of policy is designed to protect medical providers against allegations of both physical and sexual abuse.

What’s Included in Your Coverage

research on https://www.huntersure.com/ indicates that if you are accused of abuse, your NSO liability is likely to cover several expenses:

Attorney fees needed to provide your defense
Court costs
Damages awarded to the plaintiff

After paying the deductible, you can likely make a claim for the remainder of your legal costs. Your out-of-pocket costs can be greatly reduced if you have sufficient coverage.

Professions Covered

If you hold any job in the field of nursing, you can benefit from NSO liability insurance coverage. A wide variety of professions can be covered by such a policy, including:

Geriatric Nurse
Home Health Care Aide
Nursing Consultant
Forensic Nurse
Medical Assistant

If you work in nursing, you need professional liability coverage in case you are accused of abuse or malpractice. No matter how careful and professional you behave, you cannot always control the allegations made against you. Having the right coverage to back you up when accusations arise can save you a lot of money.

Help for the Stranded Semi


Professional truckers deal with many challenges along the road, but none so difficult as running out of gas or experiencing a breakdown on the side of the interstate. The conditions along the side of the road make it a tough situation, but having long stretches of road where there isnt a truck stop for miles can make it harder to find what you need to resolve the situation. Just as an ordinary motorist would invest in a service like AAA, the team at www.truckinsure.com/ recommends that all truckers find an insurance company that offers a truck road service assistance plan.

Trucker Challenges

There are many reasons why a trucker may need roadside assistance.

Replacing flat tires
Breakdown towing
Battery jump starts
Mobile mechanic services
Fluid level replacement
Short-range fuel supply

Trucking companies or drivers that choose to purchase insurance coverage with roadside assistance are protecting more than their vehicle. Long delays or failed power can jeopardize the cargo being transported. Time-sensitive loads can get back on the road more quickly when the driver isn’t facing his obstacles alone. The financial assistance to call for towing or replacing a flat tire can make a difference in the profitability for driver and company, as truck repairs and mechanical work can be expensive. More comprehensive plans may also include lockout services, hotel discounts or reimbursements, and even custom trip routing. Roadside assistance could become your drivers greatest asset.