Removing waste from a home is essential for healthy modern living. When a city sewer system is unavailable, homeowners rely on septic systems to remove waste products to a location away from their home. Septic system insurance helps protect your business when facing common septic system problems.

Contaminated Water

Septic system installers must be careful when designing and installing the system to avoid contaminating drinking and surface water on the property. Placing the tank away from bodies of water and drinking water sources can help prevent contaminated water. Check all the water lines for leaks or breaks as a source for the contamination.

Sewage Odors

Sewage odors can sometimes permeate the outdoors or the home due to improper ventilation or plumbing. Making sure the system has the necessary vents and a sound plumbing system can prevent these issues. Check for additional sources of the smell by looking for leaks and checking the pump station.

System Overloading

When mom moves back home or a family continues to expand, it can overload or tax an older system. The more people using the system, the more water is used for bathing, laundry, cooking and toilets. Too much water can overwork and undersized system. Make sure the clients system is the right size for their needs.

Proper maintenance of the septic system can help prevent future problems. Make sure your business is insured with septic system insurance as you continue to provide valuable services to your residential customers.