Coming home to find your possessions stolen and the house damaged is terrible. Filing personal insurance company claims is definitely on the list of must-dos after a robbery. Consider these other steps to secure the home and protect things you love.


While this may seem obvious, it is imperative to get a police report as soon as possible. Do this before entering the home to ensure there isnt a criminal waiting for you.

Loved Ones

Make sure your loved ones and any pets are safe and sound. Call any direct family members not with you to ensure their safety. Dont forget to search for your fur babies as they may have escaped.


The police will ask you a variety of questions and so will your insurance agent. Write things down that you remember about how things were left, time frames and what items have gone missing or were damaged.


Re-evaluating your security measures is always a good idea after a burglary. Analyze what you currently have and look into other ways to secure your property. This may mean getting neighbors involved in a community effort. Your personal insurance company claims are part of the process to getting back on your feet after a robbery. The insurance agent is there to work with you when life deals you lemons.