Water treatment facilities face unique challenges. They need special insurance to meet their needs. Here are some reasons why water treatment insurance in Canada is important.

1. Water Treatment Insurance in Canada Protects Against Supply Failures

Accidents may happen and workers have to shut off the water for repairs. When that happens, customers may sue the water facility. Water treatment insurance in Canada protects that facility from the cost of lawsuits.

2. Water Treatment Insurance Provides Coverage For Illness or Death

When workers make mistakes testing the water, consumers could become sick or even die. Insurance provides coverage for lawsuit costs as well as bodily injuries and property damage.

3. Pollution Liabilities Can Be Costly

Harmful elements sometimes escape into the water. These include lubricants and natural or propane gas as well as sewer backup. Damage repairs and injuries can be costly. The right insurance covers these costs.

4. Injuries on the Site Can Occur

Either workers or visitors to the facility can slip and fall. They may incur large medical bills and will sue the facility for damages. Insurance will cover this.

A water treatment facility has many unique challenges. The right insurance is crucial to ensure the facility continues to operate.