Spring marks the time of year where many homeowners start to prep their homes for a late spring or summer sale. If you are thinking about moving, make sure you keep your Putnam Connecticut homeowners insurance active until the home is sold. These four tips can help you prep your home for a spring sale.


Small renovations such as fresh paint can increase the look of your home without the costs and time of a full renovation. Replacing the garage door or upgrading the stone veneer on a home can increase the value without costing you a lot of money.


Odd or gross smells can turn away potential buyers. Hunt down any detracting smells caused by food, tobacco or pets. Throw out items that retain smell and consider shampooing your carpets.


If you are considering any painting within the home, go with neutral or white colors. Vivid or bright colors dont appeal to all buyers and may turn some away.


Natural light is one of the beauties of selling your home in the spring and summer months. Consider replacing or removing outdated window hangings and opening up blinds and curtains to allow light to brighten the space.

If you decide to purchase a new home, be sure to call and transfer your Putnam Connecticut homeowners insurance policy to the new residence. There may be some overlap in policies if one home is bought before the other is sold.