No matter how long youve owned your home, you likely worry about burglaries. In addition to making your home and everything in it safer, boosting your homes security can also lower the cost of your Alpine home insurance. Learn which measures are the most effective at protecting your home and lowering your policy.

Since roughly 30 percent of burglars gain access through the front door, ensure yours is as secure as possible with quality locks. Additionally, perform a visual inspection of your doors twice a year to see if there are signs of wear and tear around the frame and hinges. After that, move on to your windows to see that their locks are in good condition and actually work. Youll also want to take a look at the structure of your windows to see that theyre solid.

While a standard security system works well to protect your home while youre gone, the same applies to your neighbors. Get to know the people living around you so your home will have another layer of protection while youre away.

Youre bound to feel safer in your home with the above suggestions. Additionally, the right Alpine home insurance policy and agent can go a long way in giving you solid peace of mind.