For a lot of professionals, their passion is the career they have committed to, not the process of making sure they have their insurance needs taken care of. If you are trying to wade through a list of Atlanta professional liability insurance agencies, you should prepare some questions that will make sure you find the right company to keep you focused on your profession, rather than your insurance needs.

Most of the time, professional liability insurance is for professionals who could face a situation in which a mistake or misunderstanding can place them in danger of incurring damages for services they have provided. As such, the first question to ask of an insurance agency is, “What type of policy do you need?” There are two variants: claims-made and occurrence policies. They differ in when your coverage will go into effect should someone file a claim against you.

Another important question is, “What is covered?” Some policies only cover damages that you may have to pay while others also include legal costs associated with defending yourself. Another related consideration is what practices are actually covered. There may be aspects of our practice that are not covered. Be sure to understand exactly what is included. It may take some time to as these questions of Atlanta professional liability insurance agencies, but you will be at ease when you find one that answers them to your satisfaction.