When a worker is injured on the job, it is critical that they know what steps to take. Unfortunately, there are many ways that a worker’s compensation claim can be mishandled. Be sure that both you and your employees have the information necessary to avoid these common mistakes.

Reporting Mistakes

Avoid these common early mistakes to ensure your claims get off to a solid start:

  • Failure to report the accident: Even if it seems like a minor injury, it is a good idea to report all accidents and injuries so they are properly documented.
  • Improper claim filing: Know the processes for filing and following up with a claim before an accident happens to avoid confusion and possible errors.

Problems With Care

Not following medical advice is a serious mistake that can aggravate injuries.Workers should always follow the advice of a medical professional. It is also a good idea to seek a second opinion on serious injuries.

Mistakes After Recovery

Not returning to work on time can be a costly mistake for everyone involved. Workers should seek a timely return to work as soon as their health allows. Reasonable accommodations can help make this possible.

Knowing which workers comp mistakes to avoid can help ensure smooth reporting, filing, and recovery processes for everyone involved. It can also help you effectively manage risk and controlp insurance rates.