return to work programs

Workers compensation is an important part of many insurance packages. However, insurance agencies may be interested in expanding this service to include return to work programs. These programs can be beneficial for the businesses they represent in several ways. Firstly, they can help these businesses save money when workers are injured. Instead of hiring and training new labor, companies may find ways to help their injured employees work from home or accommodate their injury at work. There is also usually less chance of litigation. Programs also help businesses save on the costs of compensation payments and medical bills.

Secondly, return to work programs may help businesses save time. Employees with the option of working from home or transitioning back to work are usually back at the job much quicker than if they had only had workers compensation. An accommodating work environment can also help employees to heal quicker. Companies may find that this type of program eliminates some workers fraud cases.

Insurance agencies that only offer workers compensation may be missing an opportunity to bring a valuable service to the businesses they represent. By providing another solution when employees are injured, insurers can better serve their clients. If you do not currently offer return to work programs, learn how you can expand into this area so your clients always have your best solutions.