A semi-truck and trailer is quite a bit different than a car or regular truck, so it will require a different type of insurance coverage. By offering your business clients this type of insurance, you are offering them benefits such as liability coverage which fits their needs and commercial drivers insurance. Wholesale trucking auto liability insurance can be the best purchase you make on behalf of your clients.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is usually the minimum required by law and covers any property or bodily damage caused by accidents. When it comes to trucking liability, this damage can encompass totaled cars, damaged buildings and even the death of people involved because semi-trucks are larger than most other vehicles.

Legally Required Coverage

Just because a type of coverage is legally required, doesnt mean that its an unnecessary plan to have. Many of these insurance requirements can help keep companies from bankruptcy while still protecting citizens from the costs of accidents.

Wholesale trucking auto liability insurance is a good thing to have when you are an agent working with trucking companies. Not only is this coverage likely legally required, it can save the company from going bankrupt trying to pay for accidental damage. Since semi-trucks are larger than the average vehicle, these damage costs are usually larger as well.