For those in the yacht building industry, having well-crafted insurance protection is as important as delivering a beautiful vessel. If you are shopping for insurance for yacht builders, you probably want excellent coverage from an exemplary provider. With the many risks that face yacht builders, purchasing a comprehensive insurance plan is important.

Property Insurance

Smart boat builders understand the need to protect their property from fire, storm, or other damage. A comprehensive property insurance policy also will cover damage to inventory, supplies, furniture, equipment, and other items necessary to build yachts. A calamity can bring even the best-prepared boat building firm to its knees. With adequate property insurance, you can protect your company from the unexpected.

Liability Coverage

If you build yachts, you probably understand the importance of having business liability coverage. This typically involves security a products liability policy. But, have you thought about other liability exposure your company might have? For complete coverage, consider adding legal liability coverage for marina operation, ship repair, and pollution. This coverage should extend to employees, owners, and directors of the company.

For conscientious builders, having a comprehensive policy of insurance for yacht builders should be a priority. With the right plan, you can protect your boat building business from both disasters and legal liability.