Most businesses have an online presence. If you do, then you may be at risk for data breach. Data breach involves valuable, personal information that most companies contain. In order to protect yourself against this, you need insurance programs for data breach.

Only Major Companies Are Targets

Small businesses dont think that they are at as much risk as larger companies. Usually, the media only covers data breach when it involves larger companies. The truth is that over half of businesses that end up targets are smaller companies.

Strong Passwords Are All You Need

A strong password wont stop data breaches. While its important to have a strong password, you need to look beyond that. You should always have a second layer of protection. For instance, you might want to have phone number for confirmation or a fingerprint.

Cybersecurity Is the IT Departments Concern

While the IT department takes care of cyber security, you have to think beyond the IT department. The truth is that the employees who are not in the IT department are more likely to create risk for a business.

Dont be fooled into thinking that your company is not at risk for data breach. If you have an online presence or house any secure data, then you need to think about insurance programs for data breach. These programs will protect business.