It is critical for a business to implement a plan to cover its employees when they travel. Many problems can arise during business travel, especially overseas. Health-related issues and safety concerns are among the top worries. With COVID-19, international travel has become even more concerning for employers and employees.

Safety Protocol for Traveling During COVID-19

On most planes, the air conditioning system replaces the air in the cabin every few minutes and filters out 99.99% of air particles, which significantly reduces the spread of COVID-19. The greater precautions for passengers and airline workers involve interaction with people before and during the boarding process. Most airlines have implemented safety protocols as a result. Masks are required on most flights and some airlines have instituted social distancing by prohibiting passengers from sitting in middle seats. Passengers should always wash their hands thoroughly or use hand sanitizer after touching any foreign objects.

Insurance Coverage for International Business Travel

Your business must take the necessary precautions to protect company travelers with Directors and Officers (D&O) liability insurance. When an employee gets sick or is injured while traveling for the company, D&O international business travel risk is greatly reduced with the proper coverage.

Employees encounter many risks when they travel. Make sure they are covered in the event of work-related accidents and illnesses.