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The Impacts of the International Maritime Organizations 2020 Ruling


The environmental health of the world’s seas has become an increasing concern on the international stage. The issues that confront ocean environments have a direct impact on the maritime industry. International regulations have evolved over recent decades as the threats to ecosystem health have risen, along with a scientific understanding of the greater implications for global environmental and human systems. The most recent of these regulations, IMO2020, will have significant impacts on commercial marine industries.

Critical Impacts of IMO2020

The new regulations, which took effect on January 01, 2020, govern the emissions of sulfur from ocean-faring vessels. Sulfur oxides are naturally emitted from the combustion of fuel used to power ships and tankers. These compounds are especially dangerous to marine and human life and have led to the acidification of ocean waters. The new law seeks to significantly reduce the allowable level of sulfur oxides, presenting financial and operational challenges for the industry. Alternative fuels, such as LGN and low-sulfur fuel oil, are available but can be hard to come by and expensive. The increased demand for the product leaves vessel owners and the shipping industry struggling to remain operational while complying with the new regulations, at least until new refineries come online.

Understanding IMO2020 is critically important to a well-functioning maritime industry. Planning operations around cost and alternative fuel availability can help reduce the risks associated with adapting to a new landscape while ensuring the ongoing protection of the marine environment.

Hired and Non Owned Coverage Protects Your Business While on the Road

World Wide Specialty Programs

From picking up supplies to making deliveries and visiting clients, you and your employees probably spend at least a few working hours on the road. Using personal or rental vehicles creates increased risk in the event of an accident. Hired and non owned auto additional insured riders to your policy can help mitigate that risk.

When Does Hired and Non-Owned Insurance Apply?

If an employee or volunteer has an accident while driving a personal or rented vehicle on your companys behalf, any claims made against them would be covered by your hired and non owned auto additional insured policy. The experts at World Wide Specialty Programs note that this can be a major factor for staffing firms whose employees often drive client vehicles.

What Does It Cover?

At its most basic, hired and non owned coverage will pay for legal fees and claims resulting from a work-related vehicle accident. Additional coverage options can lessen your risk. These include:

  • Blanket additional insured coverage
  • Property damage riders
  • Personal injury claims

Why Not Just Use Commercial Insurance?

When you use company vehicles, they are covered under your business vehicle insurance. However, when employees or volunteers use personal vehicles or you rent temporary ones, those vehicles are not covered by your policy. Damages will be repaired under their own collision coverage, but you are vulnerable to claims made against your business.

The right insurance coverage can help reduce your risk when employees are operating multiple vehicles Riders such as blanket additional insured and physical property damage coverage maximize that protection.

Tips for Choosing Restaurant Insurance

restaurant insurance

Insurance is a vital tool for modern businesses, especially those that deal with food. It relieves business owners from the stress of dealing with costly legal fees when an accident happens. It also helps in employee retention, since workers know they are protected. Here are some helpful tips to observe when choosing a restaurant insurance policy.

Understand the Various Restaurant Insurance Programs

As referenced on, the standard insurance programs for restaurants includes workers’ compensation, commercial property insurance, general liability insurance, and crime insurance. Understanding them will help you choose the most suitable for your restaurant.

Consider Pricing Factors

The main pricing factors for restaurant insurance programs include the business location, business operation hours, size of the business and much more. Your insurance company will consider these factors when deciding on the cost of your policy.Be honest while giving the details of your business.

Choose the Insurer Wisely

There are many insurance companies that offer restaurant insurance coverage. Their rates and terms are not the same, which means you should only work with the firms whose terms match your needs. Also, the best insurer should have been in the industry for a considerable period.

Understand the various type of restaurant insurance in the market, consider the best pricing, and work with a trusted insurer to get the best insurance coverage for your restaurant.

How to Stay Relevant As a Laundromat

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In the laundromat industry, you have a lot of competitors. In order to stay relevant, you have to come up with unique laundromat ideas to hang onto customers. When it comes to adding new services, you also have to consider the types of insurance that you may need for any new services. For the most part, these services should not add much to your current coverage.

Incorporate Entertainment

Consider adding televisions to your laundromat. This provides people with something to do while they wait for their clothes to finish. Additionally, you may add books, magazines or games for clients.

Offer Snacks or Drinks

Some laundromats offer snacks and drinks. Of course, when you offer food, you do need to consider the regulations around the sale of food and drinks. You may choose a simple vending machine but you could also choose to set up a coffee shop in the building. This may also draw in new customers or those who are simply looking for a good cup of coffee.

Those at Irving weber associates, inc. suggest that you promote your services wherever you can. Consider your demographics and ensure that your laundromat ideas can reach these people. For instance, you may want to reach those in apartment rentals, in colleges and even those in coffee shops.

Is It Time To Upgrade To General Liability Insurance?

general liability

Public liability insurance can be a great way to save money by accessing the liability coverage your business needs without overpaying for policy areas where you aren’t going to benefit, but many companies that only need public liability coverage at the beginning wind up evolving into more complex structures, with risk management needs that are also a little more advanced. General liability includes coverage that helps if your employees are injured on-site, as well as protections for liability incurred due to problems in the workmanship when you perform services or make products. Deciding on comprehensive general liability insurance vs public liability coverage can be difficult, which is why resources from experienced providers like are so useful.

Keep in Touch With Your Insurance Broker

It’s not just the upgrade from public liability to general liability that becomes important as your business grows. You also need to keep up on the value of your coverage to make sure the policies that you have continued to fully cover the risks your business incurs. Even without a need for a wider policy net, an increased volume of business can lead to your needing to expand the policy maximums, tweak your deductibles, or to make other changes. Sometimes, it’s not even about expansion, it’s about record-keeping, like when you need to move coverage onto a new vehicle or end the coverage on the one you’ve sold.

Insurance Coverage for Marinas

california marina insurance

Living in California has many benefits. From the incredible weather to world class arts and culture, California has a great deal to offer. And if youre lucky enough to own a marina along the coastline, you might be the envy of all your friends. That could change quickly, however, unless you have a great California marina insurance policy.

Marina owners have an increased level of risk thats associated with living and/or working on the water. If you own a marina, youll want to look carefully at all of the relevant policy options that are available to you.

Commercial General Liability

This could be the most extensive portion of your policy. You want to ensure you have sufficient protection from anything that could be seen as your responsibility. This is especially critical when youre renting out dock space to others.

Property Damage

This coverage is critical because you may be held financially responsible for any damage thats caused to your property if the person causing the damage is uninsured. Property includes facilities, but you probably also want coverage on other kinds of marina-related property.


Protection and Indemnity

This is another important component of California marina insurance coverage, which is specifically related to watercraft. It will protect you from both bodily injury and property damage thats caused by a boat.

Cyber Insurance Protects Corporations From Financial Hacking Threats

Wilmington business insurance

The unique business situation of Wilmington, Delaware dictates that certain types of insurance coverage are of specific interest in the area. Since 1981, when Governor DuPont eliminated the influence of usury laws by passage of The Financial Center Development Act, Wilmington has become a financial hub. Among the companies based within this city are major banking, insurance, credit card providers, and retail banking giants. For this reason, Wilmington business insurance packages often include cyber coverage.

With the confidential information of tens of millions at stake, corporations cannot afford to put themselves and their stakeholders at undue risk. Even the best precautions by the most committed professionals may leave tiny openings to confidential information hackers are notorious for exploiting, While many business executives would like to imagine that their companies would never be susceptible to such dangerous shenanigans, the situations big names like Target and Yahoo! have faced in recent years shows that no company housing financial and other confidential records should be without cyber insurance.

Selecting an insurance provider willing to package innovative products to protect your corporations evolving scope makes excellent sense. Anyone engaged in the exchange of confidential and delicate information should have cyber insurance included in their Wilmington business insurance package.


In Orange, Insurance Has Its Work Cut Out for It

orange insurance

Every region has specific concerns when it comes to homeowners insurance. In some parts of the county, tornado’s present the greatest risk. In others, snow could do terrible damage to houses and properties. In still others, flooding has done such catastrophic damage that whole neighborhoods remain virtually empty even years later. In Orange insurance may have to pay for the damage caused by several different factors. People who live in the area know that floods, storms, heat, and earthquakes can have effects that devastate households and leave thousands without adequate finances to rebuild.

To ensure that you have the proper coverage in Orange, do not be afraid to invest in comprehensive coverage that addresses all of your concerns. With a plan carefully designed to ensure your family and your home will be in good shape once the world settles down a bit, you will be able to breathe more easily and focus on rebuilding and making up for other losses.

The very best Orange insurance options will offer full coverage and generous catastrophe packages to help you and yours get back on top of happy living. The truth is, a fully covered home is a delightful place to put ones head at night since now one will have to go to bed worrying that any hardship will ever lead to displacement.

Myers in Champaign, Illinois Is a Business Insurance Expert

myers champaign illinois

When you opened your business, you had a dream of becoming the next Fortune 500 company, and you will achieve that goal. Along the way, however, you need to protect your entity to ensure that you aren’t thrown off your path to success. Business owners must insure themselves against more than just general property and liability concerns. In today’s world, just about anything can close your doors, including your equipment breaking down. Myers in Champaign, Illinois are experts when it comes to your commercial insurance needs. They can bundle a policy that includes riders applicable to your operation only, which will save you money in the long run yet cover you adequately.

Some things to think about when shopping for insurance coverage are your business structure and what you do. If you are a corporation, you’ll want all owners and officers protected under the umbrella of your policy. Another thing to consider is business interruption insurance. Weather alone in Illinois can shut your doors for days or even weeks in the winter; nobody can afford to lose their operation for that duration. Other things to protect your company against are crime, floods, errors and omissions and any excess liability coverage should your operations warrant it. Myers in Champaign, Illinois can help you with all of this and more, including inland marine insurance if your work is on the water.

The Advantages of Getting Whole Life Insurance

Whole life policy New Jersey

Though it’s to secure and what type is right for you. Essentially, there are two types: term and whole. Both have their pros and limitations. The following are reasons why a whole life policy in New Jersey is a good move for you and your family.

Lifetime Coverage

Whole life insurance will provide coverage throughout your life. This can give you peace of mind that when you die, your family will have the money it needs to pay bills and continue to support itself. Also, you will have a fixed monthly premium that will never unexpectedly go up.

Wise Investment

When you select a whole life policy in New Jersey, you are investing in your family’s future and well-being. You may invest your policy as you see fit and watch your money increase over time.

Use the Money Now

Needs may arise while you’re still living where you could use extra cash. You can borrow against your whole life insurance policy and use that money to take care of medical costs or other pressing issues. The IRS will not tax you for any money you borrow from your policy.

Whole life policies have a number of advantages. Purchase one today and be set for the future.