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Liability Insurance Protects Restaurant Owners in a Variety of Situations

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Restaurant owners face a system of unique liability concerns that threaten far more than their bottom lines. Myers Insurance Group can help you to find exactly what you need for every aspect of your business.

Anytime the kitchen is the hub of work, dangers may be heightened. Employees, customers, and other visitors face certain risks that they may have pushed completely out of their minds, but you don’t have that luxury. Every possible worst case scenario may and should play through your head so that you can counteract its affects.

Adding liquor to the mix heightens both the liability and the income factor. For that reason, most restaurants hope to maintain their liquor licenses and respect the dangers of selling alcohol to those who have already had enough. To keep from adding fuel to the fire, Myers Insurance Group can help you design a package that addresses the general concerns of personal injury and related occurrences alongside more specific issues such as alcohol liability.

Liability insurance helps to give you the peace of mind needed to run your business with as little anxiety as possible. If you are in the market for a package that meets all your restaurateur needs, do not hesitate to contact Myers Insurance Group for help.

Two Situations When Restaurant Liability Insurance Could Benefit Your Business

Restaurant Liability Insurance

If you are opening a new restaurant, there are a few items of business to take care of before you open the doors to the public. One of the items of business to take care of is to talk to an insurance agent and get the best restaurant liability insurance policy that is possible for your business. The following are two situations when liability insurance could benefit your restaurant.

Being Sued

There are always circumstances which are simply unforeseen. Someone might trip on a rug in the aisle of the dining room. Another person could get food poisoning after eating at your restaurant. When unforeseen situations happen, someone could sue your restaurant. Restaurant liability insurance will protect you in such a situation.

Automobile Accident

Whether you provide a delivery service, or if you just have a company car that you let your employees use for business meetings and such, if anyone gets in an accident in the company car, they might need help paying for medical costs. You might also need to repair the car. Liability insurance could help to pay the cost if you or an employee gets in a car accident.

There are many other situations when restaurant liability insurance could come in handy. Speaking to an insurance agent could be the next step you need to take in order to get the right coverage for your business.