As a lawyer, you have to worry about the occasional lawsuit. No matter how good you are, unhappy clients can and will happen, as will mistakes. Here are the most common mistakes that lead to a need for legal professional liability insurance.

Planning Error

If you don’t plan all reasonable outcomes in a case, this may result in damages to your client. In this case, maybe some of you advice didn’t go according to plan.

Knowledge Failure

One of the most common errors that a lawyer makes is not doing enough research about a particular law or statute. If you fail to apply the law correctly, most clients can’t call you out on it. They won’t realize what you did.

Failure to File

In many cases, a failure to file will follow closely an inadequate discovery. This situation tends to involve an attorney failing to file a document for a client on time. This failure may prevent a client from taking legal action. This is a major breach of trust when an attorney does not follow through.
Without legal professional liability insurance, you would owe damages and legal fees. These common errors do occur regularly. In order to protect against any fees or damages, insurance is a necessity for every law firm.