Owning and operating a marina can be a rewarding experience. Of course, it can also be a headache. When something goes wrong with your watercraft or rental is damaged by a boat unaffiliated with your business, it can be very difficult to sort through the financial and legal side of things. Luckily, there are many ways to protect your marina. One of your best bets is taking time to review and invest in PWC insurance.

Areas of Coverage

As reported by the experts at www.merrimacins.com, personal watercraft can include jet skis, wave runners, and sea-doos. If you rent any of these out to customers at your marina, then you absolutely want to understand the benefits of personal watercraft insurance. Common coverage will include protection against bodily injury for anyone who is operating the watercraft at the time of an accident. Additional areas of coverage include:

  • Hull coverage to protect the watercraft
  • General liability
  • Premises liability for accidents that happen at the marina itself

Avoid Future Troubles

When you own a commercial or recreational marina, watercraft are a big part of your daily operations. Without the right coverage insuring your equipment and the people who rent it, you are opening yourself up to a world of financial and legal difficulties. Give yourself time to review your options and discover the coverage that will keep you and your assets secure.