When getting bids for a project in a Florida high rise condominium building, everyone requests a copy of contractors’ general liability information. However, not all project managers verify worker’s compensation coverage. This vital coverage is an indispensable feature of any bid package, so dont forget to include it in your request for proposals. You need to have your contractors’ current insurance and Florida workers compensation proof of coverage throughout the entirety of your project

Proof of Coverage

According to https://hilbrgroupfl.com/, you can verify a company coverage status by going online. It’s important to have this information readily available for building inspections, and you should keep track of certificates expiration dates so you don’t unexpectedly find yourself without up-to-date coverage information. Although your project contract should specify that its the contractor’s obligation to provide you with their insurance and workers’ compensation information, don’t rely on them to keep them updated for you. Once obtained, keep all of your documentation in a comprehensive project binder will ensure that you have everything you need for building inspections, and it will enable you to stay on top of your project’s progress and timeline.


Ideally, your project contract should make clear that your general contractor must ensure that all subcontractors have Florida workers’ compensation proof of coverage. You should also request copies of subcontractors’ certificates to include as a part of your project binder.