Smart attorneys recognize the need for purchasing the most comprehensive legal malpractice coverage available. Whether you are a sole practitioner or a member of a large firm, you might consider customizing your attorney professional liability insurance to get the most out of your policy.

Start With Basic Coverage

Most attorneys require some basic liability coverage. When you are customizing your plan, consider beginning with the following broad areas of protection:

  • Errors and Omissions Protection
  • Legal Malpractice Coverage
  • Conflict of Interest Insurance

Add Additional Protection

After your firm settles on a general insurance plan, you might consider working with a skilled insurance provider to enhance coverage. As you know, lawsuits can be extraordinarily expensive to defend. Instead of risking peace of mind, then, you might opt for the following types of coverage:

  • Disciplinary Defense
  • Subpoena Assistance
  • Privacy Breaches
  • Prior Acts Coverage

Don’t Forget Regular Business Insurance

In todays competitive legal marketplace, smart attorneys dont settle exclusively for legal malpractice coverage. Instead, they opt for a variety of protection against regular business risks. As your practice grows, then, you might consider purchasing workers compensation insurance, general business liability protection, and incidental business coverage.

To get the most out of attorney professional liability insurance, lawyers purchase coverage tailored to their specific needs. By working with a provider with considerable industry experience, attorneys effectively manage unique risks.