Insuring a high value home requires special care–the kind of care that high value home insurance companies provide. Although many of the basic elements of homeowners’ insurance are the same for all houses, special issues and concerns must be addressed in order to properly and thoroughly insure a high value home.

More Than Meets the Eye

A high value home is more than its great location, design, and landscaping. Much of the value comes from custom details, interior design, and the possessions housed there. High value homes may also have special security concerns that should be considered.

Every policy will be different depending on the specific needs of the owners, but a number of features are typically part of a high value home policy, including:

  • generous living allowances during periods of repair/rebuilding
  • equipment breakdown protection
  • extended replacement cost beyond policy limits
  • high liability limits
  • risk management services

Unique Coverage for Unique Properties

The distinctive needs of different homeowners set these types of policies apart. A home full of museum-quality art requires much different protection from a home with important historic value. The relative celebrity of an owner may also dictate elements of coverage based on security concerns. High value home insurance companies have the expertise to offer a policy tailored to the specific needs and concerns of homeowners.