Choosing auto insurance in Virginia or any other state is a process that many people enter into blindly. You hope that the assisting insurance agent has your best interest in mind as he or she guides you to an annual premium that you hope will suit your needs. At some point, a decision must be made on how much of a deductible you are willing to pay as part of your policy. Generally speaking, if the motorist is willing to pay a higher deductible up front, the annual premium will decrease. However, the amount of premium savings may not warrant your agreement to shoulder so much of the cost up front. Conversely, numerous insurance claims might have harmed your premium to the point that a high deductible is the only way to make your insurance costs reasonable.

An unlucky Virginia motorist who lives paycheck to paycheck may be better off in a fully insured arrangement where no deductible is due, if such a policy is available. When an accident occurs, this driver will be in no position to pay a deductible. It would then make more sense to bundle the full cost into the premium. There is a wide spectrum of situations between a high deductible and none at all, but you must consider whether or not an unexpected deductible payment would cause a hardship when deciding on auto insurance in Virginia.