captive consulting
captive consulting

If your business is having a difficult time obtaining proper insurance coverage through traditional insurance markets because your risks are too great, you may require captive consulting. Captive insurance plans provide an excellent alternative for business owners who are looking to reduce their insurance costs, enhance their risk management, and gain greater control over their insurance while working with a privately owned insurance company. If your business has ever experienced any of the following, you may be in need of captive consulting:

  • Difficulties in obtaining coverage in other parts of the world
  • Difficulties finding coverage for various types of risk
  • Rising premium costs for on various types of insurance coverage
  • Not enough credit for deductibles or loss control efforts
  • Credit rating structures that are inflexible due to market trends

What Types of  Captive Consulting Are Available?

Select insurance companies offer a variety of captive solutions to assist your business in staying in the black. Consulting solutions include the following:

  • Single Parent Captive
  • Agency Captive
  • Risk Retention Captive
  • Protective Cell Captive
  • Association Captive
  • Series, LLC Captive
  • Rent-A-Captive

What to Look For in an Insurance Agent

If you are looking for an insurance agent to help you obtain proper insurance coverage, be sure to find a licensed agent that understands the unique needs of your business. He or she should have experience in customizing captive solutions for your type of business. Look for an agent that is friendly, trustworthy, and professional.