Every year in the US, over four and a half million people are bitten by dogs. Many of these incidents result in a dog bite lawsuit, and the annual cost of these liability claims and medical bills is over four hundred million dollars. To make matters worse for pet owners, many homeowners insurance plans do not include coverage for injuries caused by pets, which means that owners have to pay out of pocket.

Necessary Coverage

In addition, quite a few landlords refuse to rent to people who own certain dog breeds who do not have canine liability coverage. Getting dog bite insurance is the best way to protect yourself, your pet, and those around you, and in many cases having this type of coverage is a must.

Picking a Provider

If you’re looking for a dog bite liability program, then try to find a policy that offers broad coverage and does not have a deductible. You should make sure that the agency underwrites each dog individually, so that you don’t have to worry about a certain breed not being covered. If you can add your landlord onto the insurance coverage plan as an insured, that’s even better.

Staying Safe

Insurance against dog bites is absolutely critical if you own a canine. A good dog bite lawsuit insurance policy can help protect both the animal and its human family in case something does happen to go wrong.