We have seen some pretty clever Insurance Agency Marketing ideas from companies like State farm, Progressive, Geico and Farmers. However, small agencies simply dont have the deep pockets to advertise at the cost of television rates. So what makes for a successful marketing campaign online and in local communities?

Some methods may work well for others, but you need to find the right mix of marketing ideas that will garner the best results for your own agency. Start by compiling a list of ideas and decide on the ones you feel will best suit your needs. Just realize that the more time and effort put into your plan the better your odds for expanding your current client base. Here are some ideas that will hopefully make your own campaign a successful one.

Press releases can have a substantial impact

Write about things in your newsletter that are currently going on at your agency, including new product rollouts. Introduce a newly hired agent, or the opening of a new location. These is the sort of information you can share with your base on your website or social media page. Some people shopping around may find this information useful when considering options for the types of products and services they have an interest in.

More community involvement

You may want to reach out to your local community paper or publish viable information online and include a link back to your website. Many prospective customers may be about to graduate from college. Hold a meeting with students in order to discuss the insurance services that you specialize in. Talk about the importance of insurance for families, businesses or simply for personal needs. These types of connections can help meet with long term goals.

Consider consumer review websitescan help to bolster your profile. There are sites where visitors can write recommendations about your agency allowing others interested in insurance services to make an informed decision about which company to approach.

Setting up a robust business profile online for your agency is vital. When it comes to just which Insurance Agency Marketing ideas to use, these could certainly help your present campaign get off to a good start.