As employment practices insurance becomes more prevalent to business owners today, many may wonder if the employment practices insurance cost is worth the coverage. As employers in all industries hire employees and deal with workplace situations day-to-day, it becomes clear to see why businesses in all industries can benefit from this applicable coverage.


Frequent Claims


Employee claims of wrongful treatment in the workplace are becoming more frequent as the government and other organizations fight for more laws to promote equal employee opportunities. Frequent legal claims made by employees include:


  • Wrongful termination of employment
  • Discrimination in hiring or the workplace
  • Worker retaliation


When any of these legal claims comes about, an employer may face serious charges both legally and financially. The average employment practices insurance cost covers these common claims with the exception of bodily injury, property damage, or intentionally dishonest acts.


Workplace Misconduct


Other common claims made by employees against their employers might include:


  • Sexual harassment by employers or co-workers
  • Defamation
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Failure to promote or provide career opportunities
  • Poor employee evaluation


Any combination of the above claims can be hazardous the health and reputation of any business across the board. No matter what industry you work in, the employment practices insurance cost is well worth it when hundreds to thousands of dollars can be saved by employers being sued for misconduct by their employees. Work closely with your employment practices liability agent to learn what general practices can be implemented to avoid employee-related litigation in the first place.