Your restaurant menu is the most important piece of marketing collateral you own. Your menu is your brand’s voice to the world, so it must be engineered for peak performance. What is menu engineering for peak performance? It is menu engineering with the goal of creating or enhancing brand awareness and brand recognition to produce more sales.

Menu Engineering for Brand Awareness and Brand Recognition

Brand awareness speaks to the psychological connection between a restaurant and its patrons and is a factor in brand recall, which is the remembrance of your brand by customers when choosing a restaurant. Your menu creates and sustains that brand awareness. There are multiple ways to engineer your menu to effectively communicate awareness:

  • Communicate your unique “vibe” through design, layout, colors and fonts
  • Appeal to customers with creative menu item offerings
  • Connect with customers through attractive pricing and exciting menu item descriptions

Brand recognition involves promoting your menu items to customers in such a way that connects to them through sensory cues, such as product appearance, aroma, and taste. Strategic positioning of quality menu item imagery influences customers to buy when they see and smell the menu items being served while in your restaurant. The odds of them returning the next time they want the same dish becomes much greater after a quality sensory experience.

Engineer your menu for peak performance by communicating brand awareness and brand recognition through quality content backed by great food and great service!