If you are a home care worker, you need to yourself and your clients from¬†home care HIPAA violations. Violating HIPAA can result in hefty fines. So, make sure you understand what’s allowed and what’s not. Insurance is also critical to protect you from the consequences of a HIPAA violation.¬†

Examples of Home Care HIPAA Violations

  • Sharing personal health information even with coworkers is a HIPAA violation when the conversation is in public. Make sure any necessary discussion of patient information is in private.
  • Disposing of paperwork or notes containing personal health information can be a violation. Shred this type of material to ensure your client’s information is safe and to avoid a violation. This applies to electronically stored records also. Make sure you wipe information from the hard drive to ensure privacy.
  • Losing a phone or other electronic device that contains personal health information is another way to create a HIPAA violation. A lost or stolen device without encryption is dangerous when considering all the personal information available on the device. Keep your devices protected with passwords.

Be aware of possible home care HIPAA violations, and protect yourself if a violation occurs. Investigate your options and find the proper insurance policy that fits your needs. Keep your finances safe and have peace of mind that your future is protected.