A growing number of Florida residents are cancelling their personal property insurance policies. One reason for this is the lack of affordable coverage. This is not surprising considering the fact the Sunshine State has rates twice the national average. As an agent or broker this makes finding and retaining clients more of a challenge. For more than 50 years, First Gate has been on the front-line helping agencies secure the most affordable packages for their customers.

The Biggest Competitive Advantage

Now more than ever, consumers are comparison shopping and seeking the best budget-friendly insurance solutions. First Gate offers key services that will assist your agency in rising above the fray in this highly competitive, saturated market. Here are a few program features that can help you gain new customers and retain clients:

  • Coverage for hard-to-place risks
  • Access to A-rated admitted markets that provide personal property coverage
  • One broker solution for handling all your properties
  • 24-hour turnaround on quote requests

First Gate is an established insurer offering competitive insurance coverage pricing for condominium, renters, and homeowners as well as manufactured and mobile home packages. When prospects are frustrated with finding an affordable policy rate, give them a tried and true solution quick quotes, stellar customer service and comprehensive coverage that saves them money.