As an entrepreneur in Florida, you’ve worked hard to start and grow your own business; you’ve poured money, time, and energy into it. Unfortunately, one accident, one wrong word, or one mistake can bankrupt your business, potentially ruining you. Thankfully, having general liability insurance in Florida may help prevent such catastrophes.

If you are a business owner or contractor, being sued is a definite possibility. If someone, other than an employee, gets injured in your place of business, they may sue your business for health damages. If you or your employees accidentally deface a customers property or break a wall in the building that you are renting from the landlord, that customer or landlord may sue your business. Maybe in a moment of anger, your employee talk negatively about a client; the client finds out. That client may sue for slander. Even if you can eventually prove that these mistakes and accidents weren’t the fault of your business, every minute spent in court or paying lawyers is taking time and money away from your business.

By having general liability insurance in Florida and paying premiums that may cost less than a couple of thousands of dollars a year, you can save yourselves potentially tens of thousands or even millions in court fees and damages if your business is found liable.