Professional truckers deal with many challenges along the road, but none so difficult as running out of gas or experiencing a breakdown on the side of the interstate. The conditions along the side of the road make it a tough situation, but having long stretches of road where there isnt a truck stop for miles can make it harder to find what you need to resolve the situation. Just as an ordinary motorist would invest in a service like AAA, the team at recommends that all truckers find an insurance company that offers a truck road service assistance plan.

Trucker Challenges

There are many reasons why a trucker may need roadside assistance.

Replacing flat tires
Breakdown towing
Battery jump starts
Mobile mechanic services
Fluid level replacement
Short-range fuel supply

Trucking companies or drivers that choose to purchase insurance coverage with roadside assistance are protecting more than their vehicle. Long delays or failed power can jeopardize the cargo being transported. Time-sensitive loads can get back on the road more quickly when the driver isn’t facing his obstacles alone. The financial assistance to call for towing or replacing a flat tire can make a difference in the profitability for driver and company, as truck repairs and mechanical work can be expensive. More comprehensive plans may also include lockout services, hotel discounts or reimbursements, and even custom trip routing. Roadside assistance could become your drivers greatest asset.