A large number of Americans depend on regular fuel deliveries for cooking, heating, and hot water. Countless companies service these needs, across multiple states, in all seasons and in widely varying conditions. Ensuring your company carries adequate fuel oil dealer insurance is essential to protecting your business, employees, and clients.

What Risks Do Fuel Oil Dealers Face?

Given the need to handle hazardous fuels in widely varying conditions, there is significant inherent risk for fuel oil companies. These may include:

  • Risk of spills or leaks
  • Machinery and company vehicle risks
  • Various risks to workers on the job
  • Weather risks, depending on season, for both drivers and technicians

This is not a comprehensive list, and a variety of overlapping coverage may be required for business, depending on the specifics of where you work and what types of fuels you handle. Moreover, given customers’ high dependence on your services, you may be at an elevated risk of a lawsuit if something goes wrong or a delivery fails to arrive.

Workers compensation coverage, missed fuel delivery coverage, pollution liability coverage, and general and professional liability coverage may all be part of a comprehensivefuel oil dealer insurance policy. It is vital to speak to your insurer today, to ensure that you are well-covered and prepared to deal with any of the potential hazards that may arise in the industry.