Over 50% of teens report bullying via social media. While growing up on the internet has its benefits, it can also be a dangerous, toxic place for young people. School administrators must protect students from harassment, bullying and other online and offline dangers. For some schools, school social media monitoring is the answer.

Is School Social Media Monitoring an Invasion of Privacy?

Monitoring social media may seem too far for some administrators, students and parents. A common misconception is that administrators would have access to monitor everything that a student does while on social media at school. The idea behind monitoring is not to police what students do on their social media accounts.

School social media monitoring uses tracking software that detects keywords and phrases. Monitoring different keywords and phrases can alert the school to online predators, bullies, and other dangers.

Can Social Media Monitoring Protect Students?

Students may not always know how to protect themselves online. Kids may suffer endless harassment online, which hurts the student and leaves the school liable if they do nothing to stop it. When you monitor social media, you can step in if you see bullying and ban or suspend the culprit. 

School social media monitoring does not have to be an invasion of privacy. It could be a way to protect students from predators and your school from lawsuits if something were to happen to any of your students.