Working as an independent contractor has many benefits, from choosing when and how often you work, to deciding which projects you want to work on. Unfortunately, one of these benefits is not health insurance. If you’re an independent contractor, you will need to purchase your own health insurance from a reputable agency such as Walker Insurance.

When choosing your personal health insurance plan, you need to determine your budget, of course, but you should also consider what that budget will actually cover in terms of benefits, whether the policy you choose provides access to your trusted doctors and hospitals, if it gives you access to any other wellness resources and if there are any limitations. If the policy that fits your medical care needs costs more than you can afford to pay in premiums, consider paying a higher deductible. This means that you will pay more out of your pocket if you do become sick or injured, but that you will pay a lower bill each time the premium is due. This is an especially good choice if you don’t become sick often and don’t work in an industry considered high risk for injuries. An insurance company such as Walker Insurance will be able to further assist you in determining which personal health insurance plan will best meet your needs.