To help your employees have success and perform their best, you need to help them set goals and objectives. Achieving these can be challenging. However, there are steps you can take to make goal-setting more attainable. 

Make The Goals Specific

You don’t want to be generic when setting goals. Define goals clearly and determine what the person should work toward. Identify milestones of when and how. Talk about why the goal is important. 

Make it Measurable 

You need to find ways to measure the success of the person’s progress. Document the improvements the person has made. Celebrate achievements. 

Make the Goals Attainable

When you discuss employee performance reviews, talk about what goals the person should make. But these should also be realistic goals that fall under the person’s scope of work and responsibilities. 

Make Them Relevant

An individual’s goals should be related to their job. The goals should also align with the company’s mission and standards. The objectives should help the employee grow. 

Make Them Time-Sensitive

Allow the employee enough time to accomplish the goal. Set a time frame so the person has something concrete to work toward. 

The next time you meet with an employee to discuss employee performance reviews, set some goals. Follow these guidelines to assist the individual.