The world economy depends on cargo shipping to transport goods across the globe. The industry is necessary and valuable, but its impacts on marine ecosystems and the global environment are contributing to the degradation of both.

Cargo vessels are responsible for numerous hazards that lead to the destruction of natural ecosystems. According to insurance experts, cargo shipping pollution also results in costly penalties that can be in the range of millions of dollars. There are, however, steps that companies can take to minimize pollution at sea.

What Can Cargo Shipping Companies Do to Minimize Pollution?

Preventing pollution is desirable for the health of the world’s oceans. It also reduces the likelihood of financial consequences that are not easy for any company to swallow. There are a few measures the cargo shipping industry can take to ease the pressure on marine environments:

  • Reduce waste on board by eliminating as many single-use products as possible.
  • Manage waste effectively with recycling and proper refuse storage until both can be safely collected.
  • Conduct regular inspections and maintenance on the vessel to prevent leaks of toxic and hazardous liquids and gases.
  • Repair leaks immediately.
  • Stay up to date on changes in environmental regulations to ensure the vessel is in compliance.

The health of the world’s ocean is imperative for the health of the planet, including people. With a few simple steps, companies can do their part to keep pollution out of the ocean, while still keeping the economy sailing.