Documentaries allow audiences to learn important issues facing the world today or in the past. Many documentaries are filmed in remote locales such as the jungles of Thailand or small islands off the coast of South America. Wherever your film takes you, save yourself time and hassle with production insurance, proper research and the right tools.


The farther away you are from your home turf, the more risks you assume with the production. The subject of your film may pose additional risks. Insure the production and yourself with production, travel and health insurances.


Remote locales have the mystery and appeal of a riveting story. While you have thoroughly researched your subject, you also need to research the location and potential issues before departing. Remote locations don’t have all the luxuries of the modern world. The climate, geography and the people all can impact the production and your journey.


Make sure before you set off to film that you have all the tools you need. In addition to your camera and its accessories, consider taking along LED lights, extra batteries, a rain hood, additional memory cards and power adapters. Don’t forget to back up as often as possible.

Go ahead and film the masterpiece of your dreams with a little preparation. Production insurance can help you make your dreams a reality.