Many healthcare workers spend a lot of time working with the elderly and very young children. These can be deeply enriching experiences, for the workers, the elderly, and the kids. In the case of the elderly, the healthcare workers perform tasks; provide medicine, and most importantly in many cases, companionship. For young children, workers provide a whole host of tasks as well as serving as another adult that can show kids a fine example. Unfortunately, that also makes the healthcare workers vulnerable to abuse allegations. Perfectly innocent workers, just doing their jobs can face horrendous accusations through no fault of their own. When this happens, its natural for the healthcare workers to feel blindsided, and like theres nothing they can do. NSO liability insurance provides a solution.

Liability Insurance is a Safety Net Against Unfounded Abuse Allegations

By addressing the risks head-on, NSO liability insurance is specifically built to combat unwarranted allegations of abuse. This makes sure that abuse allegations dont distract healthcare workers from doing their jobs. Mitigating risk is critically important for insurance products. Thats why policies are offered that address professional liability as well as general. With these options available, agencies can rest assured theyre making the right decision for their partners.