Seeking information regarding architect liability insurance rates is often the first step to ensuring a business remains covered in the event of a lawsuit. Liability insurance is an important part of many industries, but it is especially so in when offering architectural services.

More Than Just General Liability

While general liability coverage is fundamental, such policies must be appended by more comprehensive plans. These plans include things like professional liability, directors and officers, and even policies geared towards insuring sound employment practices. Each of these plans deals with a specific aspect of business insurance.

  • Professional Liability – In the event that a client alleges negligence resulting in loss of revenue, a professional liability policy can offer funding for court proceedings. Such funding can be essential in order to continue daily operations while dealing with lawsuits.


  • Directors and Officers – Executive liability is a huge concern for many businesses. Directors and officers coverage helps protect those people in charge of a company, thereby keeping an organization running smoothly.


  • Employment Practices – Claims relating to discrimination or harassment can have untold effects on a company. Employment practices insurance can finance defense needs in the event of an allegation of wrongdoing.


Comprehensive Insurance for Your Business


Armed with information pertaining to architect liability insurance rates, companies can make an educated decision about the right insurance to fit their needs. Comprehensive coverage often requires a few different policies working in conjunction, which ensures that a company will be protected.