Insurance Coverage

Working in the propane industry carries considerable risk. Safe operations require compliance with all applicable regulations as well as well-devised internal procedures. Companies need to have comprehensive risk mitigation plans that include a complete commercial insurance package.

Liability Considerations

In building a commercial insurance package, its important to consider every possible liability scenario. Propane dealer coverage may need to include several different types of policies:

Operational Endorsements

In addition to insurance protection for liability related concerns, propane dealers need to insure their operations from internal loss that can affect their revenue or assets. A significant loss could have a big impact on a companys ability to continue operating. It may be prudent to obtain coverage that can compensate a company for issues related to delays, business interruption, or theft.

  • Missed delivery deadlines
  • Errors in deliveries
  • Crime

A commercial package that meets the size and scope of a companys activities and addresses all of its liability exposure is essential to safeguard its operations. Its advisable to work with an insurance company that has a longstanding history of serving clients who sell and distribute propane. An experienced provider understands the liability and operational concerns that are unique to the propane industry and can help build an adequate package of policies.