Whether you have a small firm or an expansive business, it is likely that you could benefit from professional liability insurance tailored specifically to the needs of engineers. While most service professionals today have some form of professional liability exposure, the errors and omissions insurance engineering professionals require is unique.


Exposures Are Constantly Evolving


If your firm is shopping for professional liability insurance, it is best to consider companies who have a long history of experience working with engineers. The kind of errors and omissions insurance engineering and architectural firms require is constantly evolving. Specialized insurance companies are aware of new exposures such as those related to sustainability or new engineering technology.


While it may be possible to find discounted professional liability coverage from a company less familiar with the kinds of claims that an engineer is likely to see placed against him or her, there is also a possibility that such a company will neglect to include important protection in their discounted policy. You may find yourself paying for a service that cannot protect you when you need it.


Focus On Business


It shouldn’t be necessary to take time away from your clients to research the kinds of insurance you need for a firm of your size and specialty. By working with an insurance company that is experienced with engineering professional liability insurance you can be certain you are getting the best coverage possible.