If your business is taking care of ships when they need maintenance and repair, you need insurance that understands what you do. General business insurance with one-size-fits-all language tries hard to be inclusive, but without terms that speak to the nature of your industry, how can you have peace of mind about what your coverage does? That’s why you need an insurer whose focus allows the company to really serve those looking for marine contractors insurance.

Ship Repair Liability? Covered in the Shop and Outside

Your coverage needs to go everyplace you have liability for the performance of your work, and that means it needs to extend well past your front door.

Coverage for property damage due to workmanship issues
Liability coverage for injury and death to third parties
Liability coverage for third-party property damages where your work assigns you liability

If your insurer can’t speak to you in the terms that reflect your day to day experience with customers, it’s time to find someone whose policy language and communication style are a perfect fit. That way, you’ll know you have coverage for all the foreseeable situations that are part of doing business when you repair ships. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a boatyard or working in an independent workshop, the right insurer will be able to take care of your marine contractor’s insurance needs.