If your marina has a fleet of boats and yachts for customers to use, then you need to look into insurance for California marinas. Coverage for your property and those who use it can protect you from costs incurred due to accident or injury. Here is a look at the kinds of coverage you can buy.

Sailing Lessons

You might rent out boats for customers to use when learning. Insurance to cover these lessons can cover the cost of any damages due to an inexperienced boater being at the helm. You can also purchase coverage for any employees who run the lessons.

Member Property

Marina members who leave property at your location have a certain expectation of safety, but if something does happen, you will want insurance to cover it. This could be damage associated with theft, a recent storm or negligence on the part of an employee.

Loading and Unloading

Even marina’s have some cargo traffic, though usually not as much as a port. Any cargo loaded or unloaded at your marina could be covered by liability insurance for California marinas.

Covering your marina with the right insurance can prevent financial loss when something goes wrong. Evaluate what risks your marina faces and choose the appropriate coverage from there.