marina liability coverage

Life on the coast can feel like a breeze. Marina owners know there is much more to coast life than tanning on the beach and casual sailing. In order to keep a sense of security, it is vital that owners acquire some sort of marina liability coverage. While you may not feel you need to cover your operation, it is best to remain safe and prevent any accidents from affecting your business in the long term. There are a variety of types of coverage that you can acquire that provides you with optimal coverage.

Regatta Liability

Races are a popular pastime for large crowds of people. This policy can cover the staff, directors and vessels participating in this event.

Hull and Fleet Liability

There may chances were a operator rents out vessels to clients. Protect your investment in case of damage by adding this coverage to your package.

Maritime Employers Liability

For larger marinas, there may be large crews that work on different parts of your property. This type of coverage can deal with any personal injury or damages that an employee may sustain during their employment hours.

Other options like Directors and Officers Liability or Property Liability offer extended protection. Chose a quality insurance company with experience in this industry and start protecting your investment with marina liability coverage today.