There’s more to trucking insurance than making sure vehicles are covered from accidental damage. There are scenarios where additional expenses aren’t covered by traditional policies. That’s why sensible haulers turn to motor truck cargo coverage to fill in the gaps.

Peace of Mind

Cargo carriers are responsible for their freight until it is unloaded at the final destination. Anything that happens on the road is the transporter’s liability. While standard coverage will take care of the vehicle, driver and even some of the cargo, most policies don’t include other major aspects of accidental loss. The policy specialists at lay out some of the most common problems that regular plans just aren’t concerned with, but every transport business should.

  • Full coverage of cargo
  • Chemical and poisonous spill cleanup
  • Fire department surcharge
  • Earned freight coverage that takes care of lost income thanks to missing/undeliverable cargo
  • Reward coverage for information leading to stolen property
  • Data loss coverage

Without the proper policy guidelines, a cargo transport business could face dire repercussions from an event that was completely accidental in nature. Make sure your vehicle, driver and cargo are all secure in case the unforeseen happens. Having motor truck cargo liability coverage keeps companies safe, letting drivers make their deliveries knowing that Corporate has their back!