There are many different types of fabric cleaning businesses. Each of them has specific needs and different challenges, but one thing they all have in common is that they need good insurance. This is especially true for any operation that uses dry cleaning technology. Dry cleaning insurance, as a full policy or as a stand-alone service, is important for many reasons.

Soil contamination is a clearly established risk of using the chemicals associated with dry cleaning. Leaks and occasional mishaps can seep into the ground, occasionally necessitating costly cleanup. Good dry cleaning insurance policies establish realistic estimates of reclamation procedures on which they base their coverage and premium amounts.

Your clients expect you to be there as often as their fabric gets soiled, which means you often have to be on call every day to retain business. Good insurance will help you sustain your business in the case of unavoidable outages, such as utility outages, thereby mitigating your losses.

Just like any other business, you need insurance to cover your facilities and equipment in the case of disastrous loss. If your machinery breaks down or your delivery vehicles are damaged, dry cleaning insurance gives you the peace of mind and the financial resources you need to keep on going. Ask an insurance agent who specializes in laundry service about the types of insurance you think you need need, and be sure to extend an invitation to analyze your business for unknown risks.