CAAs fulfill an important role in society. In helping those in need, they work to create stability and improve the quality of the lives in their communities. Insurance for Community Action Agencies should reflect the risks that these organizations face and protect their budgets, people, and services.


What Kinds of Protection Should You Consider?


Non-profits have to be careful about how their funds are spent. Every dollar that’s donated, subsidized, or earned must be accounted for. A catastrophic loss can be financially crippling to an organization’s budget and operations. It’s important to consider the scale of your agency’s properties, staff, and programs when determining sufficient amounts of coverage. Excess liability insurance can help you protect these assets above and beyond any underlying policies you may have in place.


Insurance for Community Action Agencies protects your professionals in several ways. There are policies that insure your management personnel, as well as employees and volunteers, against allegations of negligence, error, omission, or wrongdoing. Some of these coverages are specific to job performance and services; others apply to workplace interactions and managerial decisions that have unexpected or adverse consequences.


Property insurance is a must-have for any agency that depends on its facilities and equipment to offer services. Transportation, displacement, replacement, and repairs are all crucial components of protecting your property. These coverages can help ensure that your day-to-day functions remain as smooth as possible, should a covered incident occur.


Insurance Applies to Everyone


Everyone faces different kinds of risks and exposures every day. Non-profits are not exceptions. Insurance for Community Action Agencies can provide for the needs of those serving and those being served for the mutual benefit of all.