Orlando commercial rental property insurance protects owners of buildings and sites from catastrophic damage. It also covers actions taken by tenants in many cases. It’s a little bit different from the type of insurance that you would need if you were operating your own business in the facility.

One thing to note is that there are some similarities between the policies offered by large national agencies and those that are specific to the central Florida area. This area poses some unique risks, especially from storm damage, and local agents are usually the experts on the types of policies that offer sufficient and responsive loss coverage.

When you’re looking for Orlando commercial rental property insurance, it’s good idea to bring a summary of your tenants’ businesses. That’s because policies differ from one business to another. For example, if a tenant is operating a dry cleaning company on your premises, you might want to take out soil contamination insurance to cover the possibility of expensive cleanup of toxic chemicals.

There are some risks that aren’t usually covered under commercial rental insurance policies, such as flood damage to structures or equipment. It’s important to talk to your Orlando insurance agent to figure out what exactly you might need. That way, you know you are effectively mitigating all of the risks associated with the location of your property and with your tenants business practices.