If you are a new engineer in Indiana, you may be thinking about foregoing professional liability coverage. Because as many as 20 percent of projects result in a professional liability claim, doing so can be a huge mistake. Here are some of the reasons new engineers decide to purchase professional liability insurance for engineers in Indiana.

Exposure Is Everywhere

As a new engineer, you may think that simply not making any mistakes insulates you from a professional liability claim. That, however, simply isn’t the case. In fact, you may be held responsible for the actions of those with whom you work. Even worse, delays in construction that are seemingly out of your hands can result in a costly lawsuit. If you aren’t sure about your exposure, discuss your practice with an experienced insurer or attorney.

Lawsuits Are Expensive

As you probably know, lawsuits can be tremendously expensive to defend. Even if you are ultimately cleared of wrongdoing, you must pay legal fees. Meanwhile, if a judge or jury finds you responsible for harm, you must pay awards or judgements. Either way, having professional liability insurance to cover expenses is a proven way to achieve the peace of mind you need to do your job correctly.

Engineers are at comparatively high risk of becoming the defendant in a professional liability suit. Rather than risking your professional license and financial well-being, purchasing professional liability insurance for engineers in Indiana may be a better approach.