If you own a nursing home or assisted living facility, it is important for to acquire some form of nursing home insurance. The process of applying for insurance can be somewhat complicated, and you should understand a few key pieces of information.

Dealing With Insurance Underwriters


Before you are able to secure nursing home coverage, you will need to work with an underwriter, who will determine whether or not the agency should provide you with insurance. Nursing home underwriters assess several factors to classify your facility as either a low or high risk. If you are determined to be a low risk, then you will be able to access low insurance rates.


How Do Underwriters Evaluate Clients?


In order to evaluate your nursing home, underwriters collect a variety of information. The type of information they collect will depend on the type of insurance you are applying for. After they have gathered the necessary data, nursing home underwriters conduct a thorough evaluation using their agencyUs guidelines. Once the evaluation is complete, the underwriters can either approve or reject your insurance application. If you are successful during the underwriting process, you will be able to secure coverage for your nursing home. There are several different types of insurance available to you, and each one of them is capable of protecting your facilityUs assets and employees.