Help! My Restaurant Made People Sick!

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Running a restaurant, you already know the reality of the risks that you take in the industry — and one major risk is a foodborne illness. If your restaurant has had an outbreak, the best thing that you can do is to not panic. Here are the steps you should take in case of an outbreak of foodborne illness.

1. Call the Health Department

Instead of waiting for someone else to do it, make calling the health department your own job. This is one way to get professionals on the job ASAP, but also to take ownership and show that you’re responsible and willing to do right by your company.

2. Contact Your Insurance

Some restaurant insurance policies contain coverage for spoiled food or loss of business thanks to foodborne illness. Contact your rep at Brynes Agency Insurance to see what your options are.

3. Get to the Bottom Of It

Food poisoning doesn’t “just happen;” there is always an underlying cause for it. Methodically go through your kitchen, freezer, and workspace to figure out what happened and how to rectify the issue.

If your patrons suddenly start getting sick, this is not the sort of reputation you were asking for. Take responsibility for an outbreak at your restaurant and take the steps to make the situation better.

Keep Your Construction Business Covered in Every Situation

Haughn & Associates

A business that centers around construction can offer a number of unique risks to business owners. As mentioned by recent statistics, this industry is one that tends to invite a lot of risk to employees and owners alike. All it takes is for one small thing to go wrong and businesses can be looking at expensive and complicated legal struggles. Luckily, proper insurance coverage like OCIP can make a world of difference to your feelings of security.

Focus on What Matters

As reported by Haughn & Associates, an Owner Controlled Insurance Program is one that might be able to greatly benefit business owners in the construction world. When you are faced with wrap-up procedures, you might assume that the worst of a job is behind you. Unfortunately, someone can still get injured or damage property during this period. Sadly, most insurance plans don’t cover wrap-up. By taking charge of your policy with an owner-controlled option, you can include all of the options that meet your needs. Benefits of this program include:

  • Improved workplace safety
  • Control over claims and coverage
  • Reduced litigation

Stay Covered Always

In order for your construction business to stay successful, you need to guard it against the unknown. The best and most effective way of achieving this goal is by taking out an appropriate insurance plan that keeps you protected in an array of situations.

Provide Proper Coverage to Your Employees


Most employees determine whether or not a job is right for them based on specific factors. The benefits an employer offers, for example, can make or break a decision. In order for your company to find the absolute best candidates for an open position, you need to offer competitive benefits. You must also remember to protect yourself throughout the process. EBL coverage ensures a simple error won’t lead to a costly fix on your end.

Common Errors Are Costly

As reported by the professionals at, Employee Benefits Liability Insurance covers an employer in the event of basic errors and omissions related to employee benefits. The coverage will tighten all of the language used in the literature surrounding your benefits package so each member of your team knows exactly what his or her benefits include. This type of coverage also includes:

  • Maintenance of vital files related to benefits
  • Enrollment period control
  • Termination and new hire assistance

Keep Your Employees

Offering competitive benefits is a fantastic way to attract the best talent to your company. To keep yourself protected, liability insurance for employee benefits is a must. This is a surefire way to keep yourself covered from errors and omissions while simultaneously providing your employees with a comprehensive understanding of their benefits. Research your options and discover the best coverage for your company.

Comprehensive Protection for Your Marina

Personal Watercraft

Owning and operating a marina can be a rewarding experience. Of course, it can also be a headache. When something goes wrong with your watercraft or rental is damaged by a boat unaffiliated with your business, it can be very difficult to sort through the financial and legal side of things. Luckily, there are many ways to protect your marina. One of your best bets is taking time to review and invest in PWC insurance.

Areas of Coverage

As reported by the experts at, personal watercraft can include jet skis, wave runners, and sea-doos. If you rent any of these out to customers at your marina, then you absolutely want to understand the benefits of personal watercraft insurance. Common coverage will include protection against bodily injury for anyone who is operating the watercraft at the time of an accident. Additional areas of coverage include:

  • Hull coverage to protect the watercraft
  • General liability
  • Premises liability for accidents that happen at the marina itself

Avoid Future Troubles

When you own a commercial or recreational marina, watercraft are a big part of your daily operations. Without the right coverage insuring your equipment and the people who rent it, you are opening yourself up to a world of financial and legal difficulties. Give yourself time to review your options and discover the coverage that will keep you and your assets secure.

How to Stay Relevant As a Laundromat

Irving weber associates

In the laundromat industry, you have a lot of competitors. In order to stay relevant, you have to come up with unique laundromat ideas to hang onto customers. When it comes to adding new services, you also have to consider the types of insurance that you may need for any new services. For the most part, these services should not add much to your current coverage.

Incorporate Entertainment

Consider adding televisions to your laundromat. This provides people with something to do while they wait for their clothes to finish. Additionally, you may add books, magazines or games for clients.

Offer Snacks or Drinks

Some laundromats offer snacks and drinks. Of course, when you offer food, you do need to consider the regulations around the sale of food and drinks. You may choose a simple vending machine but you could also choose to set up a coffee shop in the building. This may also draw in new customers or those who are simply looking for a good cup of coffee.

Those at Irving weber associates, inc. suggest that you promote your services wherever you can. Consider your demographics and ensure that your laundromat ideas can reach these people. For instance, you may want to reach those in apartment rentals, in colleges and even those in coffee shops.

Potential Claims Areas in Human Services

Huntersure LLC

Professional liability concerns plagued each industry, but the types of risks and exposures vary according to the job duties and profession. Social work liability insurance is designed to address the elements of risks most commonly faced in this area of service.

Social Work Risks

The discipline of social work strives to improve the well-being and quality of life for members of the community, as well as at-risk or disadvantaged populations. Even though social workers attempt to help others, the complexities of their work sometimes give rise to liability-based lawsuits for both frivolous and evidence-based claims. Data found on the website for Huntersure LLC suggests that there are tens of thousands of lawsuits filed each year across the industries, with those in social work exposed to this burden as well. The most commons claims filed against those in the industry are below.

  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Incorrect Treatment
  • HIPAA and Lost Data Issues
  • Patient Suicide
  • State Board Complaints
  • Information Breach
  • Malpractice and Care Management

Those in social work shouldn’t be surprised at the potential for a liability claim against their services, as today’s society has become increasingly litigious. Rather than struggle to address defense costs, reputation management, or paying out a settlement, speak to your broker about carrying a professional liability policy that addresses the activities and elements of your profession.

Is It Time To Upgrade To General Liability Insurance?

general liability

Public liability insurance can be a great way to save money by accessing the liability coverage your business needs without overpaying for policy areas where you aren’t going to benefit, but many companies that only need public liability coverage at the beginning wind up evolving into more complex structures, with risk management needs that are also a little more advanced. General liability includes coverage that helps if your employees are injured on-site, as well as protections for liability incurred due to problems in the workmanship when you perform services or make products. Deciding on comprehensive general liability insurance vs public liability coverage can be difficult, which is why resources from experienced providers like are so useful.

Keep in Touch With Your Insurance Broker

It’s not just the upgrade from public liability to general liability that becomes important as your business grows. You also need to keep up on the value of your coverage to make sure the policies that you have continued to fully cover the risks your business incurs. Even without a need for a wider policy net, an increased volume of business can lead to your needing to expand the policy maximums, tweak your deductibles, or to make other changes. Sometimes, it’s not even about expansion, it’s about record-keeping, like when you need to move coverage onto a new vehicle or end the coverage on the one you’ve sold.

Managing Crowds at Concerts

Crowds at Concerts

There are very few people who dont enjoy a good concert. From small local shows at your neighborhood pub to sold-out performances at a 5,000 seat stadium, live music inspires, excites and invigorates. Though in order to have the best event possible, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

Crowd Control

Concert crowd control is an important component of any live performance. Youll need to think about where people will line up to get in and how quickly they’ll be able to get out once the show is over. You can read more about why crowd control is important at


Security is an important component of effectively managing concert crowds. At a bare minimum, you should have someone ensuring only ticketed guests enter the facility. However, these days it is recommended that you invest in having security officers stationed throughout your event in case anything should happen. It will increase your event expenditures but will provide incredible ease of mind so everyone can feel safe and enjoy the show.

Safety Training

Having staff who are properly trained in the following areas is a really good idea.

  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • Emergency evacuation procedures
  • How to use an AED

Ideally, all of the vendors at your event will possess basic safety training as well.

Finding What Insurance Customers Want

Program Business

Insurance customers hit the market armed with a list of what they need. They are looking for a company that can offer them a wide range of products that are comprehensive and affordable. Their desire for a good price is not outdone by their need for outstanding customer service and a user-friendly system. So where can an agent go to find the right fit for their client?

Program Business

Program Business is an online platform that provides a comprehensive list of wholesalers, administrators, MGAs/MGUs and carriers to independent agents. As an agent, Program Business’s extensive directory of programs and providers gives you an unparalleled resource to service your clients.

Program Brokerage Corporation

One example of a storefront that agents can access from the Program Business platform is Program Brokerage Corporation (PBC). PBC offers a high-quality resource designed for the middle-market insured. They also offer a well-recognized purchasing group plan that has a successful track record. PBC summarizes their services as a winning combination for carriers, producers and the insured thanks to their experienced and resourcefulness. PBC invests their own financial resources in both the claims and the expense side.PBC offers insurance programs for environmental, residential, pest control, umbrella, nursing home, elevator, small business services and more.

When you need to find the right coverage for your residential or commercial clients, check out the Program Business Platform and Program Brokerage Corporation.

Experience Savings With a Boat Club

Mariners Insurance

When it comes to owning your own boat, there are a lot of different costs associated with it. If you are not someone who is dedicated to boating, you may not want to spend all of your hard-earned money on a boat. You may be looking for ways to save money. The experts at Mariners Insurance suggest that if you want to keep your costs low, then you may want to consider a boat club. Here is what you should know about boat clubs and the costs associated.

What Is a Boat Club?

A boat club is simply a fleet of boats that a group of people is allowed to use. For instance, when joining a boat club, you would pay your monthly membership fee and you would be able to use any boat in the fleet that you want. This could be fishing boats, sailboats, cruisers and more. You have access to different boats for different occasions.

Boating is a fulfilling hobby for a lot of people. If you love to be able to take a boat out with your family or with your friends, then you may want to consider a boat club. In a boat club, the fees and the club itself maintains itself, including boat club insurance.