Coverage for Restoration Services

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Coverage for Restoration Services

In the US, there are two types of storm chasers. The individuals that head out before a storm happens to track its progress, and the companies and individuals that come behind the storm and clean up the mess. If you are a cleaning or restoration company, you know all too well the devastation mother nature can bring to homes and businesses. Without the right insurance coverage, such as the programs offered by Moody Insurance, you might find your company devastated by liability claims. The types of coverage you should consider for your business include:

Business Property

Comprehensive General Liability

Extended Property Damage

Lost Key coverage

Crime and Employee Fidelity

Workers Compensation

Excess/Umbrella Liability

Business Automobile

The work your company will perform can range anywhere from carpet cleaning to mold removal or large construction projects. Each area of interest and services will have its own set of liabilities for employees, but the customer’s location and property can also be a concern when thinking of theft and employee actions. Traveling to the job site in a company vehicle, removing debris and transporting materials opens several automobile concerns.

When you take out a policy with Moody Insurance, you will find their areas of expertise include cleaning and restoration. With their knowledge of your industry, they can find the right coverage to meet your company needs.

Builders Insurance: Is it Necessary?


Builders Insurance: Is it Necessary?

When it comes to Santa Fe builder insurance, it isn’t always required by law. This doesn’t mean that you should skip out on it, however. To skip out on insurance is a gamble that most don’t want to take. This is what you need to know about the builder’s insurance.

Risks Without Coverage

Accidents happen. Incidents happen at construction sites that you can’t predict or stop. Due to this, you need some form of protection. If your project ends up delayed or derailed, you need insurance to keep the build from going under ultimately.

Types of Coverage

Builders risk policies come in all shapes and sizes. What your construction business requires has everything to do with the specifics of your business. Here are the three main types of coverage you’ll see.




Basic coverage protects against primary risks, like lightning, wind, fire and even explosions. Broad protects against all of that, plus a little more. For instance, water damage and falling objects may be included. With individual coverage, you have protection against theft and other unfortunate incidents.

Its important to note that the builders insurance will cover not everything. Some perils require other policies.

Instead of skipping out on Santa Fe builder insurance, make sure you check all available coverages and choose what works for your business. Any amount of protection is better than none at all.

3 Common Problems Facing Septic System Owners

Removing waste from a home is essential for healthy modern living. When a city sewer system is unavailable, homeowners rely on septic systems to remove waste products to a location away from their home. Septic system insurance helps protect your business when facing common septic system problems.

Contaminated Water

Septic system installers must be careful when designing and installing the system to avoid contaminating drinking and surface water on the property. Placing the tank away from bodies of water and drinking water sources can help prevent contaminated water. Check all the water lines for leaks or breaks as a source for the contamination.

Sewage Odors

Sewage odors can sometimes permeate the outdoors or the home due to improper ventilation or plumbing. Making sure the system has the necessary vents and a sound plumbing system can prevent these issues. Check for additional sources of the smell by looking for leaks and checking the pump station.

System Overloading

When mom moves back home or a family continues to expand, it can overload or tax an older system. The more people using the system, the more water is used for bathing, laundry, cooking and toilets. Too much water can overwork and undersized system. Make sure the clients system is the right size for their needs.

Proper maintenance of the septic system can help prevent future problems. Make sure your business is insured with septic system insurance as you continue to provide valuable services to your residential customers.

Coverage Options for Social Services Programs

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Coverage Options for Social Services Programs

Social services programs serve the communities around them. Its important for any organization that helps the community to have insurance coverage that protects them. Social services insurance programs are imperative.

What Organizations Are Covered?

Social services is a large umbrella term. It can count for a number of different organizations. Some of these organizations include:

Religious institutions
Residential care
Food banks
Foster care facilities
Community action organizations
Emergency shelters

The types of organizations that may need social services insurance vary. The best way to know if your organization counts is to speak with an insurance broker about your coverage options.

What Options Are There?

There are several different protections that an organization needs. For instance, if you have employees, then youll need to keep them safe. Likewise, you may need to keep your managers or directors protected against claims. Here are some of the coverages available:

Cyber liability
D&O coverage
EPL coverage
Fiduciary coverage
Workers compensation

When it comes to coverages that you need, you can find what will best protect your organization.
Social services are crucial to the communities that they are a part of. When it comes down to it, all social service organizations need to have insurance coverage. In order to know the best social services insurance programs for you, you should speak to a broker.

Why Insurance is Necessary for a Home Care Agency

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Home care agencies involve providing care to individuals who need daily care related to housekeeping and certain medical needs. While this provides an important service to these folks, it’s important to have the necessary coverage to avoid problems. Here’s why home care agency insurance is necessary for agencies, workers, and the people they care for.

Insurance Provides General Liability Coverage

Although general liability doesn’t sound specific to a home care agency’s needs, it provides protection against problems such as bodily injury and property damage. These are more likely to occur in someone’s home than a traditional healthcare setting, so it’s important to protect workers and the agency from these problems.

Worker’s Compensation Handles Injury Issues

Injuries are common at any job. For those involved working in people’s homes moving and handling patients, this is even more common. Having a worker’s compensation program on insurance can protect against a costly issue from arising.

Professional Liability Protection

Sometimes claims against agencies and the individuals working for them can arise. Even in cases where these claims are unfounded, it’s necessary to have insurance coverage in case the agency is taken to court. Having this kind of protection keeps agencies from getting involved in costly court proceedings.

Home health care agency insurance is necessary for agencies and individuals. It can protect against accidental injuries for the person receiving care as well as the worker. Altogether, this can save agency money should they get involved in court or need to pay out of pocket costs.

Necessary Insurance for Cyber Risks

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Necessary Insurance for Cyber Risks

Cyber attacks continue to evolve at an alarming rate, with businesses struggling to keep up. Cyber insurance is essential to allow companies to protect the business and assets, including consumer information if network security is breached.

How Coverage Helps Your Business

It seems as though there is a never-ending list of cyber risks for a business, including lost data, leaked customer information, system malfunctions and dangerous viruses. These can lead to expensive costs for businesses that must conduct forensic analysis to find the breach and the extent of the damage, as well as any costs associated with the recovery. Cyber insurance can help a company in the following ways after a breach has occurred:


Legal fees, including settlements
Regulatory fees, including investigations and fines
Customer and employee notification costs
Reimbursement for cyber extortion
Credit monitoring for customer accounts
Public relations expenses

Protecting Your Business From Data Breaches

Just because you have network security does not mean your business is safe from cyber attacks. Including cyber insurance as part of your commercial policy can help lessen the damage to your business, client accounts and reputation if a breach occurs. A cyber attack doesn’t have to be the end of your business and the right insurance policy can help you move forward.

Keeping The Family Tradition Alive

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From the moment The Owens Group opened its doors in 1957, we have provided each of our clients with the tools to head into a secure future where all their assets are covered. Whether you are the head of a household, a business owner or an individual, our policies bring you a peace of mind you deserve and need in today’s hectic society. Our expertise and excellent customer care come together to bring you an insurance package that is tailored to you and that fits your budget.

Personalized Personal Coverage

We understand everyone’s situation is different and that each requires a different set of coverage. That is why our team makes the effort to assess your need and build a plan that is unique to you. Our personal insurance plans include personal umbrella, auto, workers’ compensation, kidnap & ransom, aviation and cyber. With us, you can trust that your future is in good hands.

Beneficial Business Protection

We also have a rich history of working with generations of businesses of all types. We work with theater, entertainment, cannabis, retail, manufacturing, tech and non-profit businesses among many others. The Owens Group works with management every step of the way to build coverage that can take the brunt of emergencies.

Our team works hard to keep the tradition of its family of founders alive. We do so by bringing you the best customer care possible. Reach out to our team today to see for yourself the kind of service that has made us so well respected in the industry.

Protecting Whats Most Important to You

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If you run a non-profit organization (NPO), then you understand what a thankless, yet rewarding position it can be. On one hand, you’re doing something to make a change in the world and that is a noble goal. On the other, your funding is not government-issued and comes only from donors, and that is difficult. No matter what your cause is, protect it with specialty NPO insurance plans from companies like Moody Insurance.

What Kinds of Insurance?

Being an NPO doesn’t mean that you don’t need the same coverage as any other small business. Opt for insurance plans that protect you and other employees, the physical residence and any vehicles that your NPO might use.

General liability coverage is one of the most basic, yet most important insurance plans for any business. It protects the organization in case someone is injured on the premises or their personal property is damaged.

You insure your personal vehicle, extend the same courtesy to any company vehicles. This includes vans, trucks or any other vehicle that employees or volunteers will use.

If your building is damaged by the weather, vandals or any other sort, cover it with property insurance. Your out-of-pocket expenses will be much less with this kind of policy.

NPOs are important fixtures in the world because they make changes happen. Protect your baby by being sure it is properly insured.

Common Errors and Omission Risks for Mortgage Brokers

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Business owners and individuals purchase property using mortgages on a daily basis. While the market is good, the mortgage industry flourishes, but the risks never cease. Common lawsuit risks covered by indemnity insurance mortgage coverage are listed here.


Failure to disclose information to the buyer puts the mortgage lender at risk for a lawsuit. Common late disclosed or non-disclosed information includes negative amortization, ARM terms and interest rates.


Secret commissions and kickbacks for giving business to certain lenders are generally illegal but do happen. Federally-related mortgage loans can receive no kickbacks per the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and can result in a lawsuit.

Early Payment

Investors have filed claims against mortgage lenders for loans declining in value due to early payments. Many of these investors from Wall Street have demanded the lender buy back the loans. This seems to be a holdover from the subprime bubble of 2008.

Yield Spread Premium

Dubious practices such as hidden fees have caused litigation for the mortgage industry. The yield spread premium is a common controversial fee seen in claims. This list is by no means exhaustive, but the mortgage company can protect its financial assets with indemnity insurance mortgage coverage. Errors and omissions happen even with the most diligent broker, thats where insurance comes in. Insurance helps during a lawsuit to protect assets and your reputation.

4 Tips To Prep Your Home For Sale This Spring

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Spring marks the time of year where many homeowners start to prep their homes for a late spring or summer sale. If you are thinking about moving, make sure you keep your Putnam Connecticut homeowners insurance active until the home is sold. These four tips can help you prep your home for a spring sale.


Small renovations such as fresh paint can increase the look of your home without the costs and time of a full renovation. Replacing the garage door or upgrading the stone veneer on a home can increase the value without costing you a lot of money.


Odd or gross smells can turn away potential buyers. Hunt down any detracting smells caused by food, tobacco or pets. Throw out items that retain smell and consider shampooing your carpets.


If you are considering any painting within the home, go with neutral or white colors. Vivid or bright colors dont appeal to all buyers and may turn some away.


Natural light is one of the beauties of selling your home in the spring and summer months. Consider replacing or removing outdated window hangings and opening up blinds and curtains to allow light to brighten the space.

If you decide to purchase a new home, be sure to call and transfer your Putnam Connecticut homeowners insurance policy to the new residence. There may be some overlap in policies if one home is bought before the other is sold.